Monday, July 31, 2006

Al Hurra TV Now Broadcasts to Europe

Al Hurra TV, an Arabic language voice of the US Government in the Middle East is to extend its broadcasting coverage area from the Middle East to Europe where sizeable Moslem/Arab populations reside.

From August 1, Al-Hurra TV is launching on the HotBird 3 satellite under the channel name of Al-Hurra Europe. An official announcement said that apart from regional and international news reporting, the channel will feature discussion programs and current affairs magazines on issues ranging from health and entertainment to science and fashion.

The Americans established Al-Hurra TV in the Middle East to report on US actions in the region from the US point of view to counteract the two most important and influential Arabic news TV networks, Al Arabiya TV and Al-Jazeera TV. The United States is doing the same now in Europe as, Joaquin Blaya, chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governor's Middle East Committee admitted as such in the official release, where he said: Al Hurra is viewed as a very important alternative to Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. The two channels are widely available across Western Europe.

Recent commissioned surveys show that Al Hurra has an estimated weekly audience across the Middle East of more than 20 million people and that that more than 70 percent of its viewers consider the news reliable.

The Al-Hurra TV network is operated by The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, which is financed by an annual grant from the 'Broadcasting Board of Governors' (BBG), an independent federal agency funded by the US Congress. That definition is 'official speak' for US Taxpayer funded state organisation. The BBG backs Voice of America, Radio TV Marti (propaganda to Cuba) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Al Hurra TV, in Arabic means 'The Free One'.

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