Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thailand's First HD Mobile Radio

Digital broadcaster, Mass Communications Organization of Thailand (MCOT) is readying to launch the country's first HD radio transmissions following the approval of a special license from the Thai Government.

Jampro Antenna / RF Systems of Sacramento has shipped its RCHA-323-10HD FM combiner to MCOT. Designed for transmitter power levels of 35 plus kW analog, the combiner simultaneously sends out a hybrid 10 kW high definition digital signal over the same antenna, using injector In-Band On-Carrier (IBOC) technology that parallels an FM analog signal.

The RCHA-323-10HD works with most Jampro antenna models and with other antenna brands that have sufficient bandwidth and symmetrical band pass. This combiner has high levels of isolation, and inputs for analog and digital FM transmitters. The self-cooling features of the unit allow safe combining without the need for AC Powered cooling fans. Jampro can provide the RCHA-323-10HD for use with a station's coax and reject load, or as a system with these components included. A lower power version, the RCHA-222-10HD is also available.

MCOT is to use Jampro's combiner to transmit HD programming to the greater Bangkok public transportation systems (digital mobile radio transmissions).

MCOT, headquartered in Bangkok, is owned and operated by MCOT Public Company Limited, a mass communications company comprised of MCOT Radio Network stations, Modernine TV, a news service (Thai News Agency) and joint operations with private parties. MCOT's 62 AM and FM stations broadcast 24 hours a day and reach a nationwide audience with music and news.

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