Saturday, August 12, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|AES Seoul Papers (11)

The 29th AES Conference, "Audio for Mobile and Handheld Devices", all digital, September 2 to 4, 2006 Seoul National, lUniversity Campus

Digital Audio Presentations - Part 11

A Survey of Digital Mobile Audio Architecture Issues

Invited Speaker:

Pierre-Louis Bossart, Freescale Semiconductors, USA

This paper aims to provide a broad overview of the status of digital audio support in mobile hand-held devices. The evolution from audio players or cell-phones into convergent digital devices supporting multiple and complex use-cases has generated new system constraints and new mobile audio architectures. By reviewing the complete digital mobile audio framework, from codecs to audio middleware, from platform architecture to hardware, we provide a down-to-earth explanation for critical and dimensioning factors and shed some light on existing standards, upcoming solutions and needed compromises

Low Complexity 3D Audio Algorithms for Digital Handheld Devices

Invited Speakers:

Young-Cheol Park, Yonsei Unversity,

Taik-sung Choi, Jae-woong Jung, Dae-Hee Young, Si-wook Nam and Jung- min Song, LG Electronics, Korea

This paper sets out to show that digital low-complexity 3D audio algorithms are suitable for applications based on low-power and low- memory hardware. The algorithms include an artificial reverberator associated with a time-varying all-pass filter, IIR crosstalk cancellation filters implementing frequency warping, and a headphone externalization algorithm based on simplified head-related transfer functions (HRTF's). Performances and complexities of the presented algorithms are measured and compared with the conventional ones. 20 30% of memory reduction was gained using the time-varying artificial reverberator, and 50% of computational reduction was achieved using the IIR crosstalk cancellation filters. Finally, 80% of computational complexity and 50% of memory were saved by using the simplified externalization system.

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