Saturday, August 19, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | MRC Opens Hong Kong TV Service Depot

MRC Expands into the Far East

Digital broadcast vendor, "Microwave Radio Corporation", or now, its new shortform name of "MRC" says that it has opened a Service Depot in Hong Kong.

We understand the brand new service facility will provide quick and effective broadcast equipment repairs and technical support for MRC customers across the Far East Region.

This support will include, but not be limited to, customer telephone support, in house repair, field service and onsite customer equipment evaluation and repair.

"The Hong Kong Depot provides a valuable service for our Far East Customers," stated

Tony Finizio, President of MRC said that the company is working towards building its worldwide network of sales and support offices.

The Hong Kong Depot adds to MRC's growing list of service centers with more to open in 2007, mainly in the United States.

As the television industry continues its transition from analog to digital transmission, Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) provides broadcasters with flexibility in implementing digital video transport strategies.

MRC delivers a comprehensive line of microwave radio products for portable and fixed digital and analog video transport operations. Since the early 1960s, broadcast vendor, MRC has served television organizations with point-to-point microwave systems for video transport.

Applications include studio-to-transmitter links (STLs), electronic news gathering (ENG), international TV outside broadcast operations, inter-city relays, satellite transmission back hauls, and regional TV microwave networks. Today the MRC brand is often the product of choice for digital and digital-ready video microwave transport applications.

MRC, based in Massachusetts, USA, also supplies the Defence Industry and Military Establishment with equipment and products. Digital broadcast continues to be a core manufacturing area of its business.

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