Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Qtel 3G Broadcast Ready for Asian Games

Qatar has expedited commissioning of Qatar Telecom's (Qtel) upgrade to new third generation mobile capabilities in readiness for the 15th Asian Games taking place in December in Doha.

At the centre of the upgrade are the multimedia high speed 3G/UMTS services that include personalised and interactive content for video MMS service, video streaming or live TV broadcasts made possible by the digital technologies.

Qtel sees the video services or "made for mobile" TV channels solutions as a boost to the broadcasting of the Asian Games, the second largest sporting event after the Olympics.

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rahulv said...

Asian Games 2006, Doha

The showcase event for Asian athletes, the Asian Games are back. Held every four years, Asian Games 2006 is coming up in Doha, a beautiful city in Qatar.

Since the year 2000, Qatar has been vying for this prestigious quadrennial event, trying to surpass other Asian cities. Finally, Doha gets to host the 2006 Asian Games from 1st to 15th of December.

The history of Asian Games reveals that Qatar is only the second country in West Asia to hold this event since 1974, when Iran were the proud hosts.

The Asian Games 2006, Doha will be the 15th Asian Games since the inception of the event way back in 1951. The first Asian Games were held in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

Qatar is a small country spread over 11,437 square kilometers. For a progressive economy like Qatar, the Asian Games is a massive event, something that'll augment the nation's development.

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