Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Orad at IBC 2006

Orad TV digital broadcast products at IBC 2006 Amsterdam

Orad TV says that following an extensive period of development, it is releasing a new product line at IBC2006.

Upfront are the new digital TV weather graphics:

In real time TV graphics, "3DWeather" is Orad's turnkey, HD/SD real- time graphic meteorology prediction system providing TV stations with a comprehensive and accurate yet simple to use weather solution.

3DWeather is a complete meteorology production suite for real-time visualization of weather data. The high quality real-time rendering capability of 3DWeather allows users to quickly react to changing conditions and dramatically reduces the time it takes to present up to the second accurate weather graphics on-air.

3DWeather is a template based system, Where by 3D and 2D graphic templates and animations are generated using Orad's 3Designer authoring software. The templates (designed by the stations graphic designers), are overlaid with weather data which is pumped onto the templates in real-time and visualized in the clearest possible manner by 3DWeather. This methodology frees meteorological specialists at the station from caring for graphic designs and creation allowing them to concentrate on generating the most accurate weather show.

TV Character Generator - Maestro 4.0

Version 4.0 of Orad's Maestro 3D HD/SD character generator includes significant improvements from previous versions. It can load and take to air multiple graphic scenes, also referred to as channels. For example, a Lower Third, Station Logo, Snipe and Full Frame background can be designed and stored as separate virtual channels and assembled together as one output channel. That means that the various graphic elements can be taken on and off air independently without any effect on other elements. More ever, the virtual channels can be executed either form the same Maestro control application or if needed from separate applications. For instance, a ticker object can be executed by one operator while the full frame graphic by another operator, all depending on production needs.

Another new functionality that will be demonstrated at IBC is the Multi Transition function. Similar in concept to NLE transitions, Maestro will allow users to select between multiple transition effects and apply those transitions between pages using drag & drop methodology.

Scrolling - 3DTicker

3DTicker is Orad's 3D and 2D ticker application for a 24/7 real-time scrolling of text, data, images and textures. The 3DTicker is an Active X based application to be used as a stand alone ticker system, incorporated as part of Orad's Maestro controller or implemented as part of a dedicated controller which requires ticker functionality. 3DTicker implements an intuitive and extremely simple-to-operate, user interface.

TV Channel Branding - 3DBrander

The growing demand for downstream data driven graphics sets new challenges for continuity and master control room operations. To meet this demand, Orad has come up with 3DBrander. This is a 3D HD/SD channel branding solution providing a total real-time video graphics solution.

Orad's Other Products at IBC 2006 include:

- Promotor is a comprehensive solution, which sets new standards for streamlining the creation and playout of auto promos and channel branding campaigns.

- Maestro VRX is Orad's unique 3D real-time graphics solution for backdrop rear projection systems

- 3Designer 2.3 is Orad’s cutting edge authoring software, for creating state-of-the-art, real-time 2D/3D graphics and animations.

- Sports Products:

- ADVision, Orad's family of sport enhancement and virtual advertisement products receive a significant boost this IBC, with the introduction of ADVision. ADVision is an application geared to turn any sports event into an advertising media platform able to generate new revenue streams for rights holders, broadcasters and program producers.

- CyberSport 4.4 - ultimate live sport enhancement and virtual advertisement tool that turns every sport event into an original and exciting experience.

- TrackVision is Orad’s patent-pending graphics enhancement tool that uses a revolutionarily tracking technology to superimpose virtual graphics over the playing field. The overlaid graphics remains tied to the exact position regardless of camera motion.

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