Thursday, August 17, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|Actus Imago IBC 2006

Actus Imago Unveils New Product at IBC 2006 Amsterdam

Actus Imago, an Israeli developer of media intelligence systems for digital television broadcasters, will be presenting its new and innovative, Insight system at the upcoming IBC 2006 show in Amsterdam.

The desktop operating system is designed for television broadcasters and IPTV media providers to be used as a communication channel to maximize the broadcaster's workflow efficiency.

The Insight software includes an online multiple media monitor (for both digital video and streaming audio), rating monitor and automatic reports generator – a state of the art decision support tools.

“Actus Imago has developed the Insight system to answer a growing need in the media industry for a desktop system that cover all the management aspects and workflow of television broadcasters and content providers,” said Sima Levy, Actus Imago CEO. “Insight is build to be used as a communication channel and integrates an intuitive communication terminal to maximize the broadcaster's workflow efficiency.”

“Insight gives to all media-related professions the proven, world's best "knowledge" and decision support solutions, so that they have the upper hand over your competitors,” conclude Louis Libin, the head of Actus Imago US operation. “Our system also allows you to immediately respond to media subtleties, in a way never before seen in media,” add Libin, the former chief technical officer for the NBC Television Network.

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