Sunday, August 20, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | SysMedia at IBC 2006

Sysmedia New products at IBC 2006

Digital broadcast subtitling vendor, SysMedia of the UK will be demonstrating how its latest product developments extend further its capabilities covering any subtitling format on any platform, including HD, NLE and Digital Cinema, enhanced by the company’s recent productivity breakthroughs using automated speech-text alignment.

* AUTOTIME – AutoTime uses on-the-fly text-to-speech alignment to reduce subtitle production time for recorded programming significantly. AutoTime matches the timing of each caption automatically to the equivalent spoken text within the digitised video or audio file. Speech presence detection techniques integrated into AutoTime can also assist subtitle timing even when the subtitle text is in a different language to that of the audio track.

* SCRIPT ALIGN – Using the same core SysMedia technology as AutoTime, new product Script Align can take a digitised audio/video file and the related script text to generate a complete timed subtitle file.

* NEW OUTPUT PLATFORMS (NLE, HD, DCI & MXF) – WinCAPS now includes new exports for NLE (such as Final Cut Pro), Digital Cinema and MXF as well as HD formats. The latest generation of SysMedia’s InVISION caption generator now also includes full HD capability with support for file-based workflows.

* AUTO TX –Auto TX deploys SysMedia’s recently announced Speech Follower technology to track the progress of one or more TV presenters through a prepared script, providing automatic subtitle TV transmission for short scripted programs. A prime application for Auto TX is the automated subtitle playout of regional TV news bulletins, enabling cost effective subtitling where it has previously been uneconomic.

SysMedia is known for specialising in subtitling and content creation and distribution systems for teletext and interactive TV services, with an emphasis on workflow automation and optimum productivity. It has over 30 years’ experience in the television broadcast market. Customers include digital broadcasters, the BBC and BSkyB, both of which are moving into HDTV high definition television.

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