Sunday, July 01, 2012

Taiwan Ends Analog TV Broadcasts

Taiwan terrestrial TV broadcasters ended analog broadcasting officially on June 30, 2012 with promises for a future based on HDTV programming reports Radio Taiwan International.

"Taiwan officially completed its transition to digital TV broadcasting on June 30, 2012, switching off its analog signals for the last time.

It was the final step in a four-phase process that began on May 7. Northern Taiwan was the last area to make the transition from analog to fully digital wireless TV broadcasting.

At a ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan's Premier Sean Chen said the era of digital and high-definition TV had come. He also said the next step would be to develop content for digital TV.

Chairwoman of the National Communications Committee, Ms Su Herng, was also present at the ceremony. She said turning to digital TV is a global trend, adding that European countries including Switzerland and Germany have already completed the transition. She also said the analog spectrum can now be used to improve Taiwan's broadband Internet services."

There are high hopes for greater creativity from the three commercial broadcasters, TTV, CTV and CTS. 

Source: Radio Taiwan International
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