Sunday, November 11, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | NZ TV Channel 40 Waikato starts

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learned from the Asia-Pacific satellite forum Apsattv (at), that a new regional family TV station, starts November 15 to serve the Waikato area of New Zealand. TV Central is using UHF Channel 40 as its frequency. The reason for the forum buzz was that a member in the area complained that the Channel 40 frequency just happened to be the UHF channel output on his SKY TV decoder. This was causing interference with a resulting fuzzy picture. The new family channel website ( is .

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | BBCArabic Seeks Uni Recruits

With weeks away to the launch of the BBC Arabic TV Channel, the BBC in Dubai has informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia that a series is of interactive media workshops to recruit talented young university graduates to become broadcasters, is under way. Labelled as “The World as You See It” road show is to target media studies attendees to groom the best into becoming the program and news presenters of tomorrow on the soon to start, BBC Arabic TV Channel. The BBC Arabic team is visiting universities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Egypt and Morocco. (Listed below) The point BBC Arabic is making is that its operation is now about being an integrated Arabic-language multi-media operation - a first, the BBC says, for the region - that completely integrates radio, tv and online Internet. Essentially, experienced BBC journalists will share their knowledge and experience with media students, encouraging them to complete 3 minute video packages of stories they believe will be of wide interest. The best works will be featured on the new channel. Hosam El Sokkari, Head of BBC Arabic, said this is about developing talent that he views as a first step in building a relationship between the BBC and with the multi-media 'broadcasters' of the future. The Arab universities co-operating with BBC Arabic are: United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, Sharjah University, Sharjah, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Birzeit University, West Bank Palestine, the American University in Cairo, Cairo, Al Ahram Canadian University, Cairo, Cairo University, Cairo, the Mohammed V University, Rabat, Université Hassan II, Mohammedia, Casablanca. More information from BBC's PR support Dubai - info at

Digital Broadcasters | NDTV Using Omnibus iTX System Solution

A reminder from Digital Broadcasters News Asia that New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) launched two new channels from its headquarters serving the Middle East region. "NDTV GOOD TIMES", went on-air Sept 7, 2007 followed by "NDTV ARABIA" on September 10. Both channels target expatriate (NRI) Indian viewers in the Gulf states. NDTV appointed OmniBus Systems of the UK to supply its comprehensive playout and production system solution, known as iTX. NDTV's Group CTO, Rahul S. Deshpande said that the Omnibus technology was chosen in order to get the two channels air as quickly as possible. And the reason NDTV chose the iTX software package was that the iTX, file-based system unifies playout, storage and automation, across multiple devices, platforms and different software versions, while solving compatibility issues. The bonus is that iTX easily integrates with NDTV's existing content management. NDTV, based in the India's capital, next year notches up its 20th anniversary as it becomes India's first and largest commercial producer of news, current affairs and entertainment programming output. The TV network has expanded to 23 offices and studio facility locations across the sub-continent. New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) website: OmniBus Systems' digital asset management, automation and transmission technology website:

Monday, August 20, 2007

Digital Broadcasters: Radio24 News Radio

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA) has been updated on
progress to Malaysia's National News Agency, Bernama's radio launch
date. That is now set for September 3.

Radio24 News Radio has begun its dry run on FM 93.9Mhz in Kuala
Lumpur serving the Klang Valley initially.

The FM radio station says it will have a live interactive news format
including traffic reports from reporters on the spot.

Radio24 news will be also from a national and international perspective.

The broadcaster is to establish its own identity in news gathering,
different to the current broadcasters, DBVNA understands.

DBVNA can't help wondering how impartial digital broadcaster, Bernama
can be when it is Malaysia's National News Agency - in effect the
mouthpiece of the government.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Digital Radio Australia Trials DAB+ For First Time

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA) was informed today that following other Australian digital radio systems trials, terrestrial broadcasters started the technical trials using DAB+ technology in Sydney, NSW. The test is using upgraded multiplexers from digital broadcast vendors: Factum and Radioscape (the "MAP250" and "fusion, version 6" respectively). Testing is to focus on the critical bit rates as applied to speech programming and jazz and pop music. Of the move, Joan Warner, CEO of industry trade body, Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) said that this is the first fully compliant high power broadcast of digital radio using DAB+ technology anywhere in the world. Ms Warner added that the test will send a very strong signal to the major radio receiver manufacturers that Australia is committed to launching digital radio using DAB+ and we will need a broad range of DAB+ digital radios in the market in time for our launch.” A number of radio vendors have indicated they will have DAB+ receiver products ready for overseas retail sale before Christmas 2007 according to CRA. In Australia, digital radio services will officially launch in January 2009 in the six capital cities Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and expect consumers will want to access the digital broadcast services with not only digital receivers, but by mobile handphones and mp3 devices also. The DAB+ test is being coordinated by Commercial Radio Australia on behalf of commercial radio stations and public broadcasters, the ABC and SBS. DBVNA understands that Australia heads up a new DAB+ task force set up by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union - the ABU. Other task force members include Brunei, New Zealand and Singapore digital broadcasters. Ms Warner, representing Australia, heads the DAB+ task force, which is to encourage the take up of DAB+ within the region and the development of a wide range of low cost DAB+ receivers in diverse broadcast environments such as in China, India, Kuwait and Russia.

Friday, July 27, 2007

DBVNA :: TVNZ Charter Renewal - Good News For DTV Vendors

This Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA) message is directed at those involved in New Zealand's broadcast TV technology sector both at the individual company level as well as at the TV industry grouping level - to the opportunity for you to influence the digital direction of Television New Zealand (TVNZ). The reason is that it is now review time of the Television New Zealand charter as the country's national broadcaster. This takes place every 5 years. TVNZ faces the expansion of digital, responding to the changing needs of broadcaster - consumer/viewer interaction. Here is your opportunity to influence the choices and technology standards adopted by TVNZ as it moves into digital diversification both in digital delivery and content origination systems. The TVNZ says in its remit for Charter renewal: "of the 'high standards' it wishes to maintain in all areas. At the same time it intends to play a leading role in New Zealand television by setting standards of program quality and encouraging "creative risk-taking and experiment". I interpret that to mean that risks in content will require the need to have the technology available to support content experimentation. This is where manufacturers across all production and distribution areas can put to TVNZ's Engineering management proposals to make proprietary systems the preferred choice of TVNZ. There is no better time than at Charter renewal time when the corporation has to be legally open to new ideas and thinking in pursuit it license renewal - that is what the Charter review is all about. A TVNZ press announcement of earlier in July stated that the process for reviewing the TVNZ Charter is governed by the Television New Zealand Act 2003 which says the Charter must be reviewed every five years by Parliament. In preparation for the statutory review, TVNZ wishes to present the Minister of Broadcasting with a suggested redraft with the public's views on it. The way TVNZ wants to move forward and its proposals are presented online at , use keyword: Charter Redraft. While the heightened publicity with advertisements on TV One and TV2 flagship channels of TVNZ are directed at a month long public debate, the actual TVNZ submission will not be made until later in the year to the Minister of Broadcasting. I suggest to you as a digital TV manufacturer or distributor, to consider making your move now to connect with TVNZ Engineering and push your case for them to adopt your new digital technology. Remember, that TVNZ will launch new digital channels later this year and early next with TVNZ 6 and TVNZ 7 and increasingly in future years through TVNZ ondemand, the TVNZ website and other media devices. If you are involved in the audio - radio side of the industry, you will be aware of the process that Radio New Zealand went through in its recent Broadcast Charter renewal. TVNZ informed DVBNA that it was following the process Radio New Zealand adopted for its Charter review. To recap, there are two areas that caught the attention of DBVNA in the TVNZ management proposals that give a guide as to new technology requirements as TVNZ moves ahead in the digital TV arena: Innovation and Development of New Zealand talent, as set out as follows: - TVNZ to promote innovation, risk taking and creativity to extend the range of ideas and experiences available to New Zealanders by creative risk-taking and experimentation. Areas of the current Charter covered by this redrafted point: - TVNZ to support and promote the talents and creative resources of New Zealanders and of the independent New Zealand film and television industry. The emphasis on the contribution on a greater contribution from the commissioning of outside production work.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Digital Broadcaster | Ten Sports Takes WASP3D Solution

Ten Sports, Dubai - the satellite TV sports network targeting the Indian Diaspora and the sub-continent's television broadcast markets has chosen Beehive Systems and its WASP3D Graphics software for live playout, according to a Beehive release to Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA). Beehive's United Arab Emirates agent/distributor - Wecom Global, installed the WASP3D software solution in Ten Sports transmission suites. Ten Sports is the third satellite TV broadcaster in the Middle East to install the WASP3D graphics system after Al Rai TV and Future TV. The Beehive relase quoted Steve Halis, VP – Operations, Engineering & MIS at Taj Television as saying that WASP3D was chosen after a thorough evaluation and detailed comparison of competing solutions. Taj TV owns and operates Ten Sports. WASP3D is an advanced graphics software with design tools like real-time emitter based, Particle system that comes with wind, gravity, speed options that help achieve realistic effects. Beehive says that WASP3D for sports broadcasting offers real-time sports data presentation, spectacular interactive graphics display, 3D camera views of the game from various angles and the virtual sets. TEN Sports, launched in April 2002, is a dominant sports network, focussing on cricket as a programming anchor. The channel reaches nearly 50 million cable/ satellite households worldwide and claims the title as the world’s biggest producer of cricket for television broadcast. Ten Sports also owns the exclusive rights in its designated broadcast markets for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the UEFA Champions League, the U.S. Open Tennis and hockey’s World Cup Tournament. DBVNA believes the WASP3D - Ten Sports/Taj TV deal is a major purchasing coup for broadcast software manufacturer, Beehive based in India and its UAE distributor Wecom Global. (wecom web site, is under construction). (under construction not up yet) Does the WASP3D match competitive systems such as from Avid, also handled by Wecom Global in the UAE? Leave your comments - can be anonymous, but it is more authoratative, when sourced.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Perth | New Radio Licenses

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has advised Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA) that it is calling for local non-profit organisations to apply for two community radio station licenses up for grabs in the Perth, Western Australia marketplace. Deadline is August 16, 2007. The two FM frequencies being offered are 100.9 MHz and 90.5 MHz. 100.9 MHz became available after the ACMA cancelled the licence held by the Western Australian Aboriginal Media Association - WAAMA for breaches of its licence conditions. 90.5 MHz is currently shared by several groups on a temporary basis. Perth and neighbouring Fremantle with a population of over 1.5 million is a radio broadcast market with some 30+ radio stations. Most are commercial including horce racing, ethnic, Aboriginal news and tourist radio. A handful of community stations are operating already in Fremantle or Perth, including 89.7 Twin Cities FM, RTR-FM and Radio Fremantle. Tags:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Digital Broadcasters |Aussie ABC Massively Expands NewsRadio network

ABC Australia, already one of the world's biggest radio networks in terms of terrestrial transmission coverage, informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News that it is going one step further. Within three years it will make ABC NewsRadio its third main network after ABC Local Radio and ABC Radio National, terrestrially reaching all Aussie communities with a population of 10,000. That massively expands NewsRadio reach to 95 per cent of Australia's population. On April 18, 2007 in Wagga Wagga Senator the Hon Helen Coonan, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts gave the project its formal start helped by ABC Director Radio & Regional Content, Sue Howard. Of the digitally supported project, Ms Howard said that this was a massive technological undertaking and important initiative for the ABC. The first stage of the roll out should be on May 1 when current trials will be completed for Wagga Wagga (105.1FM) and the surrounding South Western Slopes countryside(91.5FM) adding 1.2 million listeners to the ABC NewsRadio network. Stages two and three have the potential to extend the service to a further 3 million people by 2009. Three new frequencies will come on line each month until the project is completed. These are mostly FM but some are AM. ABC NewsRadio management says it is Australia's only continuous news format station with 24/7 broadcasts that include breaking news, sport, finance, weather, and when its sits, live coverage of Federal Parliamentary proceedings in Canberra.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | All Blacks, Face TV3 Commercials Ban on Home Turf

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News came across this "oh God, let me hold my head in my hands" broadcasting story from TV3 New Zealand. In reading it, bear in mind that New Zealanders just cannot get enough of their favourite boys in black shorts - the All Blacks. They are walking idols on and off the rugby turf. Canwest Mediaworks terrestrial TV network, TV3 paid a small fortune to outbid rival consortium of Sky TV - Television New Zealand for the New Zealand territorial TV rights to the 2007 Rugby World Cup games live, directly by satellite from France. But an archaic section of the New Zealand Broadcasting Act bans Sunday morning commercial advertising on the TV. Something the Government says it will NOT change. On a Sunday morning, if you are a New Zealander, you can wake up to radio commercials, and read your oversized Sunday newspaper full of special sections and related special print advertisements, view the Internet broadcasts - but no, watching the tele with ads, ain't on! And this is the information era where audiences drive the way their information should be distributed not some bureaucrat, pontificating on the consumers' behalf. Even at New Zealand's national TV - TVNZ, shows its programs with advertisement spots on Sunday mornings - not on its terrestrial transmitter network but via the Internet! A cat and mouse game is on between the Minister of Broadcasting, Steve Maharey and CanWest on, how on earth TV3 will carry ads in a banned time segment early on a Sunday morning. Oh yes that is when the best games take place, five out of seven in fact, allowing for the time difference between France and New Zealand! However, the Broadcasting Act states that the ban can be waived if the programme's signal originates outside New Zealand and is produced and transmitted simultaneously to New Zealand and overseas audiences. There is also something about a 5 second acknowledgement in recognition of a supporting commercial organisation. CanWest, PR front man, Roger Beaumont is quoted in New Zealand media as saying that TV3 has found the solution the TV network was keeping it under wraps. The International Rugby Board, licensor of the Rugby World Cup is expected to market and present its own World Cup packages on the Internet, through TV3 which will promote the games and revenue share. So it is wait and see when the tournament starts how CanWest MediaWorks make a commercial success of this huge project in terms of cost. After much searching on the official rugby world cup sites, Digital Broadcasters Vendor News found the dates of this year's Rugby World Cup (the 6th edition) Friday September 7, 2007 to Saturday October 20, 2007. The dates were buried deep in an FAQ section. The French like to keep these things quiet.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Radio Australia's Guangzhou Breakfast Goes Begging

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News wonders why Radio Australia's Breakfast Club in its upcoming East Asia, three city tour was able to co-opt host broadcasters in Singapore (938Live FM) and Kuala Lumpur (Traxx FM) to simulcast their editions but when Phil Kafcaloudes the program's co-presenter kicks off on April 27 in Guangzhou, it is not happening? Not even a breakfast 'club sandwich' will be shared? The Radio Australia press release said that the program will sample the styles, flavours and tastes of Asia. Perhaps if Radio Australia had sent co-presenter Adelaine Ng (a Chinese lady?) the outcome in Guangzhou may have been different? Kind of deflates the message that the release was trying to convey when it stated that: "The East Asia tour builds on the growing links Radio Australia has established with stations in the region....". According to Radio Australia, "The Breakfast Club" is the popular morning program, which provides an appealing and humorous start to the day capable of engaging audiences from India to Tonga. The Aussie national broadcaster also says that the Breakfast Club program is broadcast (re-broadcast? - Ed) across Radio Australia's expanding Asian and Pacific FM network, Not only that it is quickly becoming a regional media benchmark in interacting with wide audiences ranging across physical borders and cultural boundaries from India to Tonga. It does not elaborate on how it is doing that. I think they ought to Wiki that comment, and get it justified.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Doordarshan Up Up and Away in UK

Digital Broadcasters Vendors News notes that after years of indecision, India's state TV, Doordarshan is up, up and away in UK's satellite land using DVB. From London on April 16 DD launches a general channel, DD India and 24/7, DD News. Both are free - to - air, part of the Sky UK satellite TV mux in Hindi and both are transmitted on the Eurobird satellite positioned at 28.5 degrees East. This gives a satellite footprint of 95 per cent of Europe, let alone the UK. Backers of the channels are the London based, Rayat Television Enterprises Ltd. The Rayat Group has interests in retail, air travel and technology. It has invested £2 million in the 5 year project, (with a first refusal option for a further 5 years). Much of the expenditure includes advance royalty payments (10 million Rupees) to Doordarshan and set up costs. Khalid Mahmood, Rayat Group CEO said the channels will connect British Indians with their roots and set standards in ethnic broadcasting. An anonymous executive within Doordarshan said it had taken 48 years for Doordarshan to make the decision to have a UK operation. India state TV's late arrival in the European satellite TV broadcasting scene sees it coming up against established competition from UK, Indian Pakistani and Bangla channels. These include from Zee, STAR, Sony, NDTV and local Asian channels, MATV and Raj. They all TV target the same audience with some emphasising younger values and others the more older traditions. Line up of UK channels directed at Indian, Pakistani, Nepali (Galaxy TV on Hotbird 6) and Bangladesh viewers on FTA EuroBird 28.5E with main languages used: Urdu (Pakistan) Channels: PrimeTV: 11623 Urdu Punjabi PTV Global: 11224 Urdu GeoTV: 11343 Urdu ARYOneWorld: 11343 Urdu The Musik: 11343 Urdu DM Digital: 11261 urdu Bangla Channels: Bangla TV: 11344 Bengali ATN Bangla: 11488 Bengali NTV Channel S: 11488 Bengali Channel S UK: 11488 Bengali English Language/Mixed Channel S UK: 11488 English RajTV: 11428 English/Hindi MATV: 11389 English/Mixed Hindi Channels DD India: 11426 Hindi (20 per cent English, some Gujarati and Tamil) DD News: 11527 Hindi mainly (20 per cent English, some Gujarati and Tamil) Star One: 11262 Hindi mainly DD India UK and DD News UK carry their own logos on the TV screen along with that of Rayat TV. Researching this article, Digital Broadcasters Vendor News found that Doordarshan, has over 1.4 billion viewers worldwide.

Digital Broadcaster | TVNZ Heads Up with Aussie

Television New Zealand has informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News that Aussie, Anthony Flannery a veteran newsman from Nine Network (PBL:AX) is to head up News and Current Affairs at the Kiwi network from May. Flannery has been responsible for Nine Television Network's highly rated, "A Current Affair" program. He is regarded as one of the most experienced broadcast journalists in the Southern Hemisphere familiar with a variety of news distribution platforms in digital. TVNZ's own website has an insatiable appetite for strong news content. The TVNZ move is a prize catch for them as Flannery has been a Nine Network staffer since 1995 and before that at Nine's NTD8 Darwin TV station, Mid-State Television in Western New South Wales, WIN TV in Canberra and in the mid-1980s, he was Press Secretary to Aussie member of Parliament, David Simmons MP. Digital Broadcasters Vendors News believes that the hiring of Flannery could be misunderstood at a time when TVNZ has cut back on its Newsroom staff to save NZ$10million in salary costs. Television New Zealand in the past decade has suffered as a national institution at the vagaries of governing parties in Wellington. The once invisible flagship news on TVOne and TV2 has recently shown holes in its ratings, challenged by the news output from Canwest's TV3.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Google Adsense Radio Simple Operation

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News reports that this IS the big news and it is such a simple operation.

You have been following Google's move into radio advertising? Well here is the definitive result: Broadcast Electronics (BE) of Quincy Illinois, in collaboration with Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) have added an AdSense software plug-in to BE's AudioVAULT digital studio system. This means that AdSense automatically matches a station's available open slots for spots to Google's advertiser inventory. This is new revenue streaming for the stations that have installed AudioVault across the United States.

Russell Ketchum, Business Product Manager for Google AdSense for Audio said that AdSense for Audio is about connecting Google's advertisers, a group largely new to radio, with radio stations in a way that's similar to what they're used to online.

Ray Miklius, BE VP for Studio Systems said that adding AdSense for Audio's real-time inventory matching, automation and control to AudioVAULT will help (our) stations attract new advertisers.

How long will it be before Google Adsense Radio comes to your local radio station? Anyone heard any rumbles in Asia yet? How will Google play this card? Mainstream multinationals for economy of scale? Or local retail advertising? Perhaps Google needs to do a lot of explaining of this business model or is it something that will just evolve?

Broadcast Electronics Inc. is controlled by Audax Group, a private equity firm based in Boston, MA.

Digital Broadcasters | Bangladesh Maverick Ekushey TV Returns

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that Ekushey Television (ETV) in Bangladesh is still on air terrestrially and via satellite two weeks after getting its license back after a four year hiatus. A maverick broadcaster if ever there was one.

Staying on air terrestrially seems no mean feat in a Bangladesh where ETV was forced off air in Aug, 2002 by then-prime minister, Begum Khaleda Zia for apparently favouring her rivals in the Awami League in its programming. The broadcasting authority, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Board (BTRC) seized ETV's transmission equipment.

ETV, the country's first private TV station was awarded its original license by the Awami League government in April 2000.

Although the high court ordered the Khaleda Zia government to return transmission equipment to ETV in 2005 it never did. Yet in the meantime, a further six local, private TV networks were allowed to start broadcasting - but only via satellite distribution.

ETV's break came after Khaleda handed power to an interim government in October 2006, on completion of a five-year term in office. Just a few weeks ago the BDTC under the temporary administration government gave ETV the green light to resume transmissions.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News is still puzzled why ETV along with the state-owned Bangladesh Television are the only terrestrial (as well as satellite TV network) operators in the country.

Digital Broadcasters | Listen Again to Australia Country Radio 1962

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News invites you down a trip to memory
lane from the days when radio announcers dressed up to present their
programs not dress down as is the case today.

Our friends at The Radio Heritage Foundation []
has a second
radio heritage documentary on RNZI during April.

"More Australian Country Radio" re-visits 1962 to radio stations in
Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. It was an era from time pips,
gongs and modulated and annunciated radio announcer tones.

From the days of 3MA Mildura - The Voice of Sunraysia, includes an
old Holden car ad, as well as from local stores. 7AD Devonport in
Tasmania, some recollections including, local weather, a station ID
and an ad of the time promoting the radio medium as a sales medium.

From 2GZ Orange City, grab a Sydney Water Board Loan and Super Ajax
ads along with hits from Ben E King....and 'Turntable 2BS' from
Bathurst with a string of hits and ID's completes the 1962 tour.

By the way, the first stop on the tour was the RZNI April 2
transmission which visited 2CA Canberra, 2WG Wagga Wagga, 3BO Bendigo
and 3BA Ballarat.

A trip down memory lane, a trip back in time on "Mailbox" on Radio
New Zealand International on audio-on-demand by clicking
on Audio, on 'more audio', scroll down to Mailbox and click on the
latest version updated for April 16 and for the April 2 "Mailbox".

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Taiwan Moving Ahead with DTV

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News can report that according to press
coverage in Taiwan, the broadcasting watchdog, the National
Communications Commission is moving ahead with plans to offer new
terrestrial digital TV broadcasting licences. The plan calls for the
introduction of new TV networks on UHF channels 25, 31, 33 and 49
with nationwide coverage with two stages of introduction. The first
will offer the channel with a 6MHz audio bandwidth and the second,
two further channels to a 12MHz audio bandwith on UHF TV channels 27
and 29.

There is the intention, it is believed, for the four channels
with the 6MHz sound carrier also to move over to 12MHz.

The NCC says that to offer 12MHZ licenses can only happen come after
the NCC has reviewed Taiwan' related broadcasting and telecoms laws
to accommodate the new technical specifications for transmission.

The 5 present terrestrial broadcasters in analog: public TV station -
Public Television Service (PTS), TTV, Chinese Television System
(CTS), China Television Company (CTV) and Formosa Television Company
(FTV) will be given a chance to bid for the new licences. There will
be one condition / restriction imposed. Any license can only
broadcast in high definition TV - HDTV, as a mechanism the NCC
believes that would stimulate the growth of the medium. All current
analog terrestrial TV transmissions are using 6MHz.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Kabul 98.1 Arman FM Online

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has heard from Arman FM in Kabul. This is one of the digital radio and TV success stories of a war ravaged country. 98.1FM is online, with live streaming. Essentially, the station is trying to reach pockets in the country where their terrestrial transmission cannot reach. They are on satellite.

What is so good is that true inter-raction is possible with the Afghani Diaspora worldwide when someone has access to the Internet. Program requests and message are so easy. From within Afghanistan using the Roshan phone network it is a case of just dialling 456. Regular phone +93 799 780 456 and phone the answer phone menu instructions (option 1).

Listen Here

We at Digital Broadcasters Vendor News accessed Arman 98.1.FM using iTunes (being on Mac's) and the sound quality is terrific.

Digital Broadcasters |Al Jazeera English Versatile HDTV and SD

All digital broadcaster, Al Jazeera English, at its new Doha
headquarters studio complex in Qatar routinely retains video feeds in
high definition television (HD, HDTV) on a rotating basis for up to
one week using a recently installed, NEXIO XS server system from
Harris Broadcast Inc (NYSE:HRS). Specifically, the NEXIO XS server
platform at Al Jazeera English consists of 4 x NXS3600HDX servers
with more than 30 terabytes of storage that allows for 4 x incoming
news agency feeds simultaneously. The server is versatile enabling
the ability to record and generate output in either HD or SD -
standard definition, where required.

When the NXS3600HDX servers connect to the NEXIO storage area network
(SAN), the digital broadcaster has a streamlined infrastructure for
producing, processing, distributing and managing SD and HD content

Al Jazeera English is striving to become a unique broadcaster, the
distinction that Al Jazeera in Arabic has achieved already. Al Jaz
balances the news flow from south to north, providing accurate,
impartial and objective reporting for a global audience from a
grassroots level. Al-jaz has regional news bureaux in Kuala Lumpur,
London and Washington D.C.

Digital Broadcasters | India | Bhubaneswar Adds Two FM stations

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa state, and popularly known as the
"Temple City of India" adds two 24/7 private FM radio stations from
this month. Adlabs' BIG 92.7 FM will have an effective radiated
power that distributes its signal for a 60 kilometre radius that also
takes in the city of Cuttack with a program diet of entertainment and
"serious" information. Serious means updates to the supply of
vegetables in the markets, where there are power cuts, other utility
problems and government announcements. Music content is being split
in a ratio of 70% Hindi to 30% Oriya.

The second station is Eastern Media Ltd's Choklate 104 FM Superhit
Music. Its broadcast area includes Cuttack and Rourkela and areas
smaller cities of Athagarh, Chandaka, Gopinathpur, Raghunathpur,
Salepur,Jagatpur, Tangi, Deogaon, Gondia, Dhenkanal, Barhachara,
Haridashpur, Manda, Khurdha, Balipatna, Kapilespur, Pipli,
Jagatsinghpur, Patkura, Ratnagari, Udaigiri, Jenapur and Bhuban.

The two broadcasting network stations were issued the licences in the
second batch of 250 stations issued last year.

The introduction of the commercial FM stations is prompting All India
Radio's AIR Cuttack to upgrade its FM Rainbow Channel locally.

Digital Broadcasters | India Could Add 90 FM Radio Stations

Talking to local media in Mumbai, India, S.K.Arora, Secretary at the
Indian Broadcasting and Information Ministry indicated that a further
90 FM Radio station frequencies could be added soon in what the I&B
Ministry terms C & D level cities - those yet to have commercial
broadcast operations.

The I&B ministry is currently evaluating the viability of offering
such licences after it has quantifies how many of the 250 stations in
91 cities are profitable and were licensed in the second phase of
bidding for private FM radio stations last year.

Significantly, foreign investors can take up to 20 per cent equity in
broadcasting companies.

Meanwhile, Mr Arora reported developments in Community Radio / Campus
radio. He is quoted as saying that the Indian I&B Ministry has signed
60 letters of intent for educational institutions that are also
including a number of non government agencies (NGOs).

Friday, April 13, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | India | Doordarshan Works with Envivio and SHAF

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learnt that San Francisco based, Envivio a privately held company supplied the digital Mobile TV Head End equipment for the Doordarshan Mobile TV digital terrestrial trials in New Delhi. The MPEG-4 head end (transmitter) package includes 4Caster M2 encoders and the 4Manager network management system. The Envivio system fits cross media deployment by supporting the most broadcast and telco network standards, including 3GPP, 3GPP2, DVB-H, DMB and ISDB-T. Envivio supplied the mobile TV transmission equipment to broadcast integrator, SHAF Broadcast Pvt Ltd. The digital broadcast pilot project is offering eight TV channels initially. Later in 2007 it will be expanded to 16 , the pilot is delivering a high quality mobile TV experience to Indian consumers. Doordarshan is not only testing the technical aspects of the broadcast distribution signals through Mobile TV but it is also exploring the different possibilities for service bouquets, including advertising and interactive services to through testing consumer feedback. The information is sourced via a release from Envivio Inc.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | India | Doordarshan Regional Newrooms Go VSAT

In New Delhi, Doordarshan India's state TV network is moving ahead with developing field production in high definition (HDTV). The administration says it expects trials to start later in 2007 or 2008. New Delhi has been chosen as the place to stage the testing. Meanwhile, there is small revolution taking place in the state broadcaster's newsgathering technology. All 70 of DD's regional news centers are being equipped with VSAT links. Orders have been placed for VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals) equipment for every center. Each will link to the main news hub in New Delhi. Along with the feeds will be much required communication circuits, and production team voice circuits enabling two way talkback between studio control rooms around the country.

Digital Broadcasters | India | DoorDarshan in Content Digital Exploitation

Doordarshan, India's state TV broadcaster says that its 70,000 hours of analog library of video tape programming is destined to be fully converted into digital format, now that a detailed business plan has been drawn up for commercial exploitation. So far some 1,400 hours of programs have been converted by "DD Archives" which has released so far some 51 titles to the video distribution market. DD also says that some 600 hours have been identified and set aside for the DD MTNL joint venture, the Broadband Video-On- Demand project. The content covers program genres from culture and travel to personalities, historical places, health, fitness, and lifestyles. The DD "analog to digital" content conversion project covers the complete process of migration for all program production and output, as well as facilitating broadband convergence. Still, the key decision is commercial exploitation - return on the investment. How best can DD market and commercially exploit the mountain of programming content it is sitting on? One key intention is to create and promote interest among India's young generation in the country's traditional culture. This is best served by making available as many digital recordings as possible for distribution at home and abroad across the Indian Diaspora and to heritage institutions around the world.

Digital Broadcasters | India Censors Irked by FTVs Catwalk Capers

In India the satellite TV channels have been pushing the boundaries of decency in programming in the past six months - that is by Indian standards. The latest is from FTV and its catwalk capers of believing less is better. In a country that bans kissing on TV, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting was forced to act on March 29 when Fashion TV under the India label showed models strutting the catwork clad skimpily and without brassieres and swearing seethough tops at the midnight hour. The channel is carried by the country's cable TV operators. The Ministry slapped a ban on the channel for two months under Sub-Section (2) of Section 20 of the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act, 1995. The transmission or re-transmission of this Channel on all platforms has been prohibited effect April 1 through to May 30 across the country. The ministry guardians depict the programming as "against good taste and decency, denigrating women and likely to adversely affect public morality." Is there no subtlety? The programming was called ‘Midnight Hot’. I suspect that most adult men would at least be tempted to take a peek at a program with such a title. Still, being "off-air" is an indirect way of even greater promotion for the channel that has not been short of a following as it is. Will FTV in turn be irked by the prudishness of the Censors at India's Broadcasting Ministry?

Digital Broadcasters | India Doordarshan LPTs Replaced

Just for the record here, on March 14 in the Indian Parliament (Rajya Sabha Chamber), Shri P R Dasmunsi, Minister of Information reported that: 84 Doordarshan low output transmitters (LPTs) of 100-watt effective radiated power (ERP) have been replaced during the years 2004 to the present. Of these, 76 were replaced with 500-watt LPT’s. A further eight were of greater ERP.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | TV3 Rate Roar Not Appreciated

Malaysia's TV3 may be roaring ahead but its latest announcement is not appreciated. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learned from advertising agency contacts in Kuala Lumpur that a just pronounced 5-15 per cent advertising rate hike by premier private TV3 network is not causing ripples but a Tsunami size reaction. TV3 owned by Media Prima Group dominates Malaysia's terrestrial television on-air advertising market with a 60 per cent market dominance along with stable mate, TV8. Mind you, last year TV3 faced vocal criticism too from advertisers when it talked about rate rises at that time.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | PRC | CRI Awarded Phone for TV Licence

Sometimes decisions coming out of China's digital broadcasting set up seem quirky. The latest in mobile handheld licenses is no exception. The state arm in charge of propaganda in Beijing, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has awarded to China Radio International (CRI) the overseas radio broadcasting division, the third license on offer for mobile phone "TV" services. Shanghai Media Group and CCTV were awarded the other two.

It does seem somewhat odd that the international and radio oriented division is granted the right to domestic mobile phone/handheld devices. The reasoning may be the fact that some CRI programming is carried domestically by AM and FM regional and local stations and networks around the country. Or just keeping it within the close knit ranks of the broadcasting power base in Beijing.

CRI has set up a subsidiary to link up with China Unicom (0762.HK) (the world's third largest mobile phone operator).

CRI is also in talks with China Mobile (0941.HK) for mobile broadcast cooperation, according to a People's Daily report.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Bahrain | 1st Private TV Station

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learnt that Bahrein (Bahrain - مملكة البحرين Mamlakat al-Baḥrayn ) this weekend is getting its first private digital broadcaster, Atlas Travel and Culture. Satellite channel owner is local businessman Jamil A Wafa and partners. Bahreini reports say media expert Dr Mohsen Saffar will chair the TV station's board. Atlas Travel and Culture is believed will be part of the Bahreini Government TV mux on Arabsat's Badr transponder frequency 12226 horizontal. The station is also to be found on Nilesat. At press time exact details are unknown. The TV station's operations are based at Saar, about 15 kilometres west of Manama. Apparently the TV channel has the tacit support of Bahrein's Ministry of Information. Atlas Travel and Culture will be a-political and is reported to have already produced local documentaries on non-Bahreini contentious subjects. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News believes the only other direct "travel TV" competitor among Middle East Satellite television broadcasters is another outlet with the abbreviation "ATC" - Arab Travel Channel (ATC) from Dubai. That ATC has been distributed on satellite on Nilesat 102 since late 2004. Jamil A Wafa is a well connected member of the Bahrein establishment. His flagship group, UNITAG has handled many infrastructure projects in Bahrain in the past 30 years. Unitag has has worked with Thomcast Thomson Broadcast in the past for broadcasting equipment installation in Bahrain. One division, Magnum Holdings is also the backer of the premier travel exhibition in the region -, also more information at The photograph above of Mr Wafa is from the unitag web site. Meanwhile, Arab Travel Channel at Dubai Studio City (DSC) expanded its operation by expanding to a 60,000 sqft facility recently, and named as the Four Lines DSC. (Aptly named after its owner, Four Lines Media, a member of the UAE-based, Suwaidani Group). Picture shows ATC of Dubai at its stand at the BITE Exhibition 2006.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Genesis Opens Tokyo POP

Tokyo, Sydney and Auckland have been added as the latest "point-of- presence" POP's in Asia-Pacific on the New York - based, Genesis Networks global video transmission network. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News understands that POPs are already operational in Beijing, Singapore, and other major media centers in Asia. The new POP sites will allow Genesis Networks to interconnect with local broadcasters throughout the Asia Pacific region, notably in China and Japan routing content using fibre optic and satellite from Asia via the Genesis network and broadcasting it anywhere in the world but mainly to the US. The company has a teleport in North Miami and is building a reputation as a carrier of ethnic channel programming from India, Poland and Latin America for distribution to US cable TV systems.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Digital Satellite | Satlynx New Found Freedom Under GE

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News gets the clear impression that Luxembourg-based,Satlynx, a major participant in digital satellite telecommunications in the Middle East, Europe and Africa region, is relishing new found freedom under the new General Electric (NYSE: GE - News) ownership, as a fully operational subsidiary, quote: "...... for the first time... full independence from satellite operating companies and equipment vendors... and is free to pursue its supplier neutral strategy of offering the best solution to fit its customers’ requirements."

Does that imply that under the old SES structure they were hamstrung?

Paul Heinerscheid, President and CEO Satlynx while acknowledging growth in the past years uses the significant "but" when he is quoted in a press release of today's date under GE management: "...but now we look forward to a new chapter within GE where the benefits to our company and our customers will be many-fold.”

Interesting stuff.

Digital Broadcasters | Philippines Enforces Cable TV IP Violations

Philippines has tightened the noose around the neck of cable TV pirates. From today a strengthened complaints process will be enforced. The legal framework for filing violation of broadcasters program content by cable TV pirates in the Philippines has been enacted between the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IP Philippines) and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). Together, they will expedite the resolution of cases filed with the NTC against cable operators involving violations of intellectual property rights, and NTC rules and regulations. Complainants can file to the IP office or the NTC.

The new procedures do not interfere with legal complaints being filed directly against cable TV operators by broadcasters and broadcast rights holders either.

Cases of copyright infringement reported to the NTC already in the pipeline will also be brought into the new system's framework.

CASBAA and other rights holders approve and welcome the new administrative procedures in the Philippines.

While at first glance it looks to be just another legal layer complainants have to work through, if everything goes to plan, complaints on broadcast rights violations will be funnelled through the same reporting system, quickening the process and making decisions more effective.

I hope there is a uniform and unique case numbering system, if all cases are to follow a standard procedure.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Malaysia to Adopt DVB-T

So now we know, it is confirmed the Malaysian Government is going ahead with the adoption of DVB-T for digital terrestrial transmissions. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that this is clearly ahead of the intended date of such an announcement - a month before the present Klang Valley trial was due for completion.

Deputy Information Minister Chia Kwang Chye who made the announcement, March 26 at the ABU Digital TV Symposium in Kuala Lumpur indicated that the results of the DTV trial were very positive, the meaning was "why wait?"

According to Mr Chia more than 60 percent of trial participants said signal quality was 'good' to 'very good'; 70 percent sound quality was better -- responses being all better than his department had imagined.

That means that DTTV will roll out in the Klang Valley in 2009, and in Mr Chye's quoted words "Malaysia was keen to trial the DVB-H standard for mobile phones".

Mr Chia said the Malaysian government's Digital Task Force was also considering the implementing the HD format in programming.

Digital Broadcasters | ABC Brisbane To Relocate

News from ABC Brisbane is that it is at long last to get a new unified home for its regional digital radio and television broadcasting complex and headquarters for Queensland. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News received the announcement from ABC in Sydney directly.

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott said that the present 280 employees based in Queensland's capital city and housed in seven different buildings are to be housed at one site. Mr Scott made it clear the matter now being treated urgently.

The ABC Board recognises the fact and has approved a Project Control Group to take immediate control.

All the options and alternatives though have not been investigated yet. These include whether the future site of a broadcast complex would be leasehold or purchased, or a present building to be bought and converted.

Mr Scott also pointed out that specialist consultants will need to be appointed to make such assessments in a two stage process.

From now until the end of April, the first stage gets under way with the ABC Project Group calling for initial proposals.

Presently, the main Brisbane location is at ABC Toowong. ABC informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News that it is not going to redevelop that site.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | India | HDTV for 2010

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News sees India's regulatory authority for broadcasting and state broadcaster, - Prasar Bharati - as quickening its pace of interest in adopting new digital broadcast technologies with the key objective of covering the whole of the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi in HDTV. Prasar Bharati is the unbrella organisation for Doordarshan and All India Radio.

India's Business Standard newspaper reported on March 26, 2007 that Prasar Bharati will invest close to Rs 30 crore (300 million Rupees - US$6 million) in running pilot projects on mobile TV (including a related car TV project) and high-definition TV.

B S Lalli CEO at Prasar Bharati is quoted as saying that Mobile TV is to start in Delhi by May as the first Metro market.

B S Lalli is also quoted as saying Rs 10 crore (100 million Rupees - US$2 million)is allocated in the digital video broadcast technology for mobile TV. A further Rs 5-8 crore (500-800 million Rupees - US$10 million) will be required to enhance the Mobile TV transmission infrastructure. Some Rs 15 crore (150 million Rupees - US$3.5 million) is set aside for the pilot scheme for HDTV.

Korean mobile TV hand held device manufacturers, Samsung and LG Electronics are in discussion with Prasar Bharati for supply of handsets to consumers.

At present, however Prasar Bharati has an exclusive arrangement for the Nokia N-series handsets.

B S Lalli said the car TV project was successful but faced channel capacity problems in a fast moving car.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes from the article that Prasar Bharati has the clear political objective to install HDTV by 2010 - that will be 2 years after the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008 are televised by CCTV completely in high definition TV.

Original article at: < storypage.php?leftnm=3&subLeft=1&chklogin=N&autono=278896&tab=r>

Digital Broadcasters | Australia | Saving Water by Radio

ABC Local Radio network in Australia, known as "The Backyard" informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News of how a simple radio program idea helped most program participants cut their water consumption at home by a staggering 91 per cent in a 40 hour "drought" period. The program was part of an effort to build awareness of water conservation in a country suffering its worst drought this century.

And another outcome from "The 40 Hour Drought" radio project is that many Australians want their bosses to cut water usage too. Some 2000 participants registered across Australia. Of those, 80 per cent met the challenge: to limit water use to just 40 litres in the 40 hour period.

Normally, Australians use some 230 litres a day each, in their home - saving 630 000 litres of water. Compare that to an Olympic size swimming pool that holds one megalitre of water (one million litres).

The 40 Hour Drought ran from 7am on Wednesday March 21 to 11pm on Thursday March 22 March. It was the brainchild of four youngsters who attended the ABC Heywire (Haywire?) Youth Issues Forum. Saving water at work proved more of a challenge.

Dual flush toilets and awareness of water in daily life, where saving water as a talked over topic were matters that came out of the project noted Tony Rasmussen, Manager Network Development for Local Radio at

Of all the messages to the ABC Local Radio message board, the ones that stand out relate to how much water is required to make something. Wayne Meyer is Professor of Natural Resource Science at the University of Adelaide. He's made it his business to know how much water is used in the production of food and fibre. 1kg of beef uses 50,000 ltrs of water, Wayne tells us. So a typical serving of around 200g would use 10,000 ltrs. That's the amount used by the grass and grains that the beast consumes. A kilo of clean wool takes 100 to 140,000 ltr simply to grow the fibre, without calculating the amount needed to clean it then manufacture cloth. Sheep are very efficient water harvesters, says Wayne. "The major amount of water which is involved, particularly in animal products, is associated with the evaporation in growing vegetation."

The best statistics in the Australian context though is beer versus wine making.

With beer, water is used to grow barley, the malting and then fermentation of beer. There isn't a lot of grain in beer so 100 ltrs ought to do it for a bottle of beer, Wayne feels. Add to that the volume in the beer itself.

Wine will use 270ltrs of water per bottle.

Beer is better in terms of use and as well, while Wayne notes a lot of grapes are grown under irrigation.

The ABC news release would have been so more meaningful if it had included something about the ABC Local Radio Network and its contribution to Australian national issues at a local level. (referred to as a boiler plate in PR jargon).

So here it is courtesy of Digital Broadcasters Vendor News. ABC Local Radio, known as "The Backyard" on the Internet, links ABC Radio's 60 local and regional radio stations and program websites around Australia. The Backyard reflects and extends the ABC's commitment to localism through the development of a web site for every ABC region in the country. It provides customised local access to ABC Online. The Backyard is focussed on the requirements of local ABC audiences all over Australia, who can now use their own web site to access a complete range of ABC broadcasting and community information in their region. Saving water is one such subject currently in focus.

Digital Broadcasters | India Terrestrial TV Reach

In India, terrestrial TV coverage by Doordarshan still only covers 79 per cent of the country reaching 91 per cent of the population. For All India Radio the figures are better at 91.78 per cent and 99.14 per cent respectively. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are covered through Doordarshan’s free to air DTH satellite service.

Minister of Information & Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri P. R. Dasmunsi in written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha (Parliament) March 20 said that as part of India's Eleventh Five Year Plan, subject to funds availability more AIR FM radio stations would be set up to fill gaps in coverage while DTH for DD was the considered route. (Digital Broadcasters Vendor News interpretation.)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | 6m Malaysians Listen to Muzik FM

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA) noticed an interesting announcement from Malaysia's news agency Bernama referring to the increasing number of listeners to Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) radio networks. Bernama quoting Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said that some some six million residents across Peninsula Malaysia tune in every week. Peninsula Malaysia excludes Sabah and Sarawak.

Bernama said that this was the result of a survey carried out by "Utusan Airtime" on RTM's 32 radio stations.

Muzik FM was the most popular network, followed by Minnal FM and Klasik Nasional FM.

DBVNA notices that no other survey results were mentioned.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | ACMA Licenses Station without Station ID

Digital Broadcasters Vendors News thinks this is bizarre. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA ) allocated in mid-February a radio license and no one publicly has a clue to what the station is going to broadcast nor what will be its station ID. Actually it looks like carte blanche for the licensee.....Is this bureaucracy gone mad? The future station has paid 200,000 Australian dollars that is all the public knows. The licensee, ANC International Holdings Pty Ltd is to provide a high powered open 'narrowcasting' radio service in Canberra, ACT. The proposed service will operate on 1323 kHz on the AM band. ANC International Holdings bid the A$200,000 at an auction on 8 December 2006 after four applications were received for the licence. ANC International Holdings Pty Ltd must commence the new service by 21 June 2007, or such longer period of time as approved in writing by ACMA. The definition of Open narrowcasting services are broadcasting services that are limited in some way - targeted at special interest groups, or are available in limited locations (for example sporting arenas or shopping centres), or are provided during a limited period or to cover a special event or because they provide programs of limited appeal. Over ninety per cent of currently operating narrowcasting services provide either tourist radio or racing radio services in Australia.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Digital Broadcast | Ang Moves to Network Electronics

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has been informed that Patrick Ang becomes the Regional Sales Director for Network Electronics in Singapore. Ang was hired from Harris Inc. Network Electronics a market leader in digital routing, signal processing and optical transport solutions says that Ang's appointment is related to its Asian expansion and making Singapore its Asian headquarters. The Norwegian company has had a presence in Singapore already for several years. Network Electronics said the move to giving the Singapore office "regional status was to speed up response times to customers. Patrick Ang has also worked for Leitch Inc, Videotek Inc, Thomson Grass Valley and Philips Electronics. Ang reports to Joel Lam, Managing Director of Network Electronics Asia.

Digital Broadcasters | Qatar Broadband Huge Expansion

When Digital Broadcasters Vendor News analysed Qatar’s broadband expansion with the help of the Arab Advisor's Group it was amazing to see that a full two thirds of all Internet connections in the country are on broadband. In fact, Broadband accounts grew by 90% in 2006. For four years already, Qatar’s Internet subscriber base has been growing at strongly. In 2005 Q-Tel added 16,445 total subscribers 45% up year-on-year. Liberalisation is under way. Qatar's Law No. 21 of 1998, which established Q-Tel as the sole and exclusive operator providing fixed, mobile, Internet and datacomm services in the country was set aside towards the end of 2006 and revised Telecoms law is enacted. 2007 ازدياد استخدام الانترنت عالي السرعة في قطر بشكلٍ قياسي. يشهد السوق القطري طفرة في استخدام الانترنت و خصوصاً الانترنت عالي السرعة حيث نما عدد متسخدمين الADSL بنسبة 90% عام 2006 ليشكلوا قرابة ثلثي عدد المشتركين الكلي في الدولة الخليجية الصغيرة .. لايزال السوق القطري سوقاً محتكراً لشركة الاتصالات القطرية كيوتل في الوقت الذي يتوقع فيه دخول مشغلين جدد الى السوق لانهاء احتكار كيوتكل خصوصاً مع انشاء المجلس الاعلى للاتصالات و تكنولوجيا المعلومات ( منظم قطاع الاتصالات القطرية) . أصدرت مجموعة المرشدين العرب (Arab Advisors Group) تقريراً جديداً بعنوان " سوق الانترنت و نقل البيانات القطري " يمكن شراء التقرير من مجموعة المرشدين العرب مقابل 950 دولار فقط، حيث يحتوي هذا التقرير على 40 صفحة و 41جدول تفصيلي. يذكر أن شراء هذا التقرير سيحسب من ضمن الاشتراك السنوي مع مجموعة المرشدين العرب (Arab Advisors Group) فيما لو قرر المشتري الاشتراك ضمن فترة 3 أشهر من تاريخ شراء التقرير. و قد علقت الانسة هديل سكجها (محللة اولى) و كاتبة التقرير في مجموعة المرشدين العرب (Arab Advisors Group) ان استخدام خدمة ADSL في قطر قد تنامى بشكل ملحوظ في السنوات الثلاثة الماضية حيث تتوقع مجموعة المرشدين العرب (Arab Advisors Group) ان يستمر هذا النمو بنسبة سنوية تبلغ .521% لغاية 2011 ليصل عدد مستخدمين ال ADSL قرابة 174.000 في عام 2011. قام فريق المحللين في شركة المرشدين العرب (Arab Advisors Group) بإصدار حوالي 740 تقرير عن قطاع الاتصالات العربية، يمكن شراء هذه التقارير بطريقة فردية، أو عن طريق الاشتراك السنوي مع شركة المرشدين العرب (Arab Advisors Group)

Digital Broadcasters | Ms Dear New Head ABC TV Drama

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News reports that there is a new Head of Drama at ABC TV Australia. She is Miranda Dear promoted from within the organisation. Miranda joined ABC TV in August 2005 and co-executive produced a number of dramas after five years at SBS Independent, where she was Senior Commissioning Editor, Drama. Before that she was the Senior Film Buyer at Channel 4 Television in the UK, before moving to Australia as Film Four's Acquisition and Production Consultant.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | NZ Netball | Silver Ferns Stick to TVONE

Television New Zealand has been in touch with Digital Broadcasters Vendor News on TVNZ's agreement with "Netball New Zealand". The netball agreement (announced March 12, 2007) is basically a renewal for the next three years and gives the terrestrial television broadcasting rights to TVOne for all international netball tests played at home by the national women's iconic team, the Silver Ferns. Not only that, Netball New Zealand has agreed to TVONE broadcasting the netball games on its digital and interactive platforms, from 2008 through to 2010. We can imagine how pleased TVNZ's Sports GM Murray Needham is when says the country's premier female sport remains available for viewing across the country.. Mr ZNeedham reminds us that the Silver Ferns are icons of New Zealand's domestic sporting landscape; they are current world champions and Commonwealth Games gold medallists. 2007 is the year the Silver Ferns women will need to defend their world crown. Netball New Zealand, CEO Shelley McMeeken is equally pleased to the continuing relationship with TVONE. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that neither organisation divulged the financial terms of the agreement. <> <

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Digital Broadcast | RRI Indonesia Installs IP Radio News Network

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News keeps you up-todate with news from industry players. Today, Bavaria based, ND SatCom, an SES ASTRA company (Euronext Paris: SESG and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) that along with its partner, Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) GmbH they had installed an IP-based radio content and distribution network for state broadcaster, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI). The IP radio network links RRI's Jakarta headquarters and its 21 regional broadcast centers.

The IP radio network collects regional and national program and news content in the form of IP digital multicast streams that are then sent via satellite to 95 re-distribution relay stations that then deliver the output to FM terrestrial radio transmitters across the country.

The RRI project is using ND SatCom’s SkyWAN technology platform based on its VSAT network with central distribution hubs in Jakarta and Bandung.

Dieter Dreizler, Director Sales of ND SatCom in a statement let Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia know that the ND Satcom equipment affords RRI the ability to operate a cost effective network infrastructure.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Name Plate Foreign Languages

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia デジタル放送会社のベンダーのニュースアジア - 私達はハードウェア装置、コンピュータ・ソフトウェアおよびcontent/programming の製造者とラジオ及びテレビの放送会社をリンクする。 디지털 방송사 납품업자 뉴스 아시아 - 우리는 기계설비 장비, 컴퓨터 소프트웨어 및 내용/programming의 공급자에 라디오와 텔레비전 방송사를 연결한다. 数字式播报员供营商新闻亚洲 - 我们与硬件设备、计算机软件和目录的供应商链接收音机和电视播报员/programmes 。 數字式播報員供營商新聞亞洲 - 我們與硬體設備、電腦軟體和目錄的供應商鏈接收音機和電視播報員/programmes 。 Noticias Asia Del Vendedor De los Locutores De Digital - Conectamos los locutores de la radio y de la televisión a los surtidores del equipo de la dotación física, del software y del contenido/de programas. Het digitale Nieuws Azië van de Verkoper van Omroepen - Wij verbinden radio en televisieomroepen met de leveranciers van hardwareapparatuur, computersoftware en inhoud/programma's. Nouvelles Asie de Constructeur de Radiodiffuseurs de Digital - Nous joignons des radiodiffuseurs de radio et de télévision avec les fournisseurs du matériel de matériel, du logiciel d'ordinateur et du contenu /programmes. Digital Rundfunkstation-Verkäufer-Nachrichten Asien - Wir binden Radio- und Fernsehenrundfunkstationen mit den Lieferanten der Hardwareausrüstung, der Computer-Software und des Inhalts/der Programme. Ψηφιακές ειδήσεις Ασία προμηθευτών εκφωνητών - Συνδέουμε τους εκφωνητές ραδιοφώνων και τηλεόρασης με τους προμηθευτές του τεχνικού εξοπλισμού, του λογισμικού υπολογιστών και του περιεχομένου/των προγραμμάτων. Notizie Asia Del Fornitore Dei Distributori a spaglio Di Digital - Colleghiamo i distributori a spaglio della televisione e della radio con i fornitori dell'apparecchiatura del hardware, del software e del soddisfare di calcolatore/programmi. _ Digital Radiodifusor Vendedor Notícia Ásia _ nós ligação rádio e televisão radiodifusor com fornecedor ferragem equipamento, computador software e índice/programa. _ Весточка Азия Поставщика Передатчиков Цифров - Мы соединяем передатчиков радиоего и телевидения с поставщиками оборудования оборудования, средства программирования и содержания компьютера/программ. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia. Keep informed. it is a simple as that.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Digital Broadcast | Narrowcasting Australia Style

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia has learned that Australia is now taking the role of "narrowcasting" or "broadcasting to a 'niche' audience, to a proactive level. A consultative process is to define the legal framework and to whom are these services targeted. Submissions are required by March 9.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is seeking comments on its proposed guidelines under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

The ACMA takes the position that Narrowcast television has significant potential to offer Australian audiences a broader choice of digital niche television programming.

Clearly, narrowcasting has a more targeted audience than a commercial broadcasting service.

The ACMA defines the services as:

* by being targeted to special interest groups; or * by being intended only for limited locations, for example, arenas or business premises; or * by being provided during a limited period or to cover a special event; or * because they provide programs which are of limited appeal; or for some other reason.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News says this sounds like history repeating itself. The term narrowcasting was first used with the advent of cable TV in Europe and North America when ethnic oriented programming to targeted groups came into its own. Those cable narrowcasts were the first real "segmentized" programming since the start of general programming on terrestrial TV stations and networks. In the digital era so much more diversity in delivery methods and distribution platforms make the narrowcasting projects so much more interesting and diverse.

Australia is also an interesting example because the low population density made cable TV overall a non starter. Today broadband and other digital delivery systems (mobile hand helds DVB-H etc) overcome the high bandwidth distribution cost posed by the Cable TV systems hardware previously.

If carried through this is another growing opportunity for suppliers of digital products and services.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Aiello Takes Star TV Reigns March 1

It was only a question of "when" Paul Aiello would take full control of the reins as chief executive at STAR Group in Hong Kong. That was the prognosis by Digital Broadcasters Vendor News at the time of Aiello's appointment last year. No mention was made of "illness" over Michelle Guthrie's departure as CEO which takes effect on March 1, just days away. It was an important announcement for the regional satellite broadcaster, as evidenced by the quote from Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive, News Corporation who said that, “Paul has done an exceptional job at STAR since joining the company, leading its corporate team and overseeing its overall growth strategy. Paul’s business acumen, strong leadership and financial skills as well as in- depth knowledge of the diverse and complex media and telecommunications industries in Asia make him the ideal candidate to steer the long-term growth and success of the company.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News noted that Murdoch was gracious to Guthrie when he thanked her for overseeing an important period of growth for the Star Group.

The news of Guthrie's departure was originally issued on January 12,2007.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | DVB Japan | Major Patent Breakthrough

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has received a notice from ULDAGE Inc in Tokyo of a major patent breakthrough (breakthru). This is: a "Patent Pool License for ARIB Standards", otherwise known as the "ARIB Essential Patent License", is now available. The license is going to be via a simple fee arrangement. Essentially the bureaucratic wrangling between patent holder and user is being eliminated in favour of a simple system agreed across the board by the patent holders in the ULDAGE Grouping.

What this further means is that key digital broadcasting device manufacturers in Japan holding key patents, plus France Telecom - have finally ALL agreed on royalty and patent payment conditions and fees to be paid by other manufacturers.

The Japanese manufacturing companies are household names - Hitachi, Matsushita Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Sanyo Electric, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba and Victor Company.

As to the fee levels, manufacturers or distributors of digital broadcasting devices shall pay, JPY 200 Japanese Yen (about USD 1.50) per unit for a TV receiver to receive digital BS, CS and terrestrial broadcasts; JPY 100 per unit for a TV set receiving digital terrestrial broadcasting only and, JPY 50 per unit for mobile terminal receiving digital terrestrial broadcasting called One Seg only.

ULDAGE remarks and notes that the technology transition from analog to digital has made the patent issues more complicated.

The bottom line for ULDAGE Group of manufacturers is that by the establishment of this license scheme it will ensure "user" manufacturers and distributors of patented items will be able to ensure a stable supply of digital broadcasting devices to the market. ( Or, put another way, not get help up by backward and forward licensing negotiations and approvals for every new sales deal.)

ULDAGE Inc. welcomes having additional holders of 'essential patents' and hopes that this patent license program will expand further. Its remit is to provide royalty operation service, license administration service and market research service necessary for administration of joint license programs that relate to Japanese-based manufacturers of digital broadcasting and other related devices.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has on file the contact details of ULDAGE Inc as being: at Imperial Tower, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho Chiyoda- ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | PCCW | MPEG4 Updates with Harmonic H.264

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has been advised by US-based, Harmonic Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT) that today Hong Kong PCCW ( is deploying Harmonic's new MPEG4 DiviCom Electra 5400 standard definition TV (SD) AVC (H.264) encoders for its entire 'now TV' IPTV channel lineup. Harmonic's Electra 5000 MPEG-2 encoders were also recently added to PCCW's broadcast distribution centre.

PCCW, the world's largest IPTV operator with more than 700,000 subscribers can now add more TV channels to its line up in its Hong Kong service area.

PCCW's 'now TV service' is part of group's comprehensive quadruple platform offering that includes also telephony, broadband Internet access and mobile services.

Bandwidth improvements available with H.264 also enable PCCW to significantly increase the number of subscribers that can access the service over the DSL network in comparison to MPEG-2.

"The Harmonic Electra 5400 encoders deliver the performance and picture quality we needed for our new H.264 service," said Dominic Leung, Managing Director, Television & Content at PCCW.

Harmonic says its IP-based Electra 5400 offers PCCW superior MPEG-4 video quality at ultra-low bit-rates to improve bandwidth efficiency, while also providing a dense one rack-unit platform that supports up to four channels of simultaneous full resolution video.

Digital Broadcasters | PCCW | Harmonic MPEG4 Press Release

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News could not believe a press release dated January 31, 2007 from Harmonic Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT) on a routine sale of digital MPEG-4 encoders to PCCW Hong Kong (0008.HK).

The release attributes a comment to a Mr Dominic Leung, Managing Director, Television & Content at PCCW.

Now call us old fashioned if you like. But for us, a "Managing Director" is head of a firm with major decision making powers. But head of a department or division? In this case, to be named Managing Director of a division, beggers belief.

Come off it Hong Kong PCCW you are viewed negatively enough by your shareholders. Why do you like to irritate everyone further by your larger than life job titles?

Or has Digital Broadcasters Vendor News got it all wrong and Mr Leung is soon to rise to the number one spot at PCCW Hong Kong?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Vietnam | VoV promoting AIDS Awareness

State broadcaster, Voice of Vietnam radio (VoV) this week starts a major promotion campaign to educate Vietnamese on the dangers of HIV/ AIDS using a radio soap opera to bring home the message. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learnt that funding is coming from the Danish NGO, the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) amounting to US$770,000.

Voice of Vietnam is collaborating with DANIDA and the United Nations Population Fund for the program project.

The objective of the effort and long-term goal is to promote increased access to and improve the quality of reproductive health services.

The soap opera is aimed to educate young people about HIV/AIDS seeking to change behaviors to prevent HIV transmission.

Voice of Vietnam is broadcasting the radio soap drama in all 64 provinces in the country and in several ethnic language versions.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that the Scandinavians are quietly working away in Indo-China in various NGO funded radio broadcast projects for Asian state broadcasters. The DANIDA funding in Vietnam ends in December 2009 and will underwrite all 104-episodes of the HIV/AIDS awareness radio series.

Digital Broadcasters | Sydney | 2GB Breached ACMA Regulation

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News of its decision on a breach of the Australian Broadcasting Code. The breach refers to soon-to-be digital radio station, 2GB Sydney that breached the code by broadcasting material on The "Open-Line" Show that was likely to vilify people of Lebanese background on the basis of ethnicity. The programme was aired by 2GB presenter, Brian Wilshire, on December 15, 2005.

While ACMA found the material was presented for a purpose in the public interest, being discussion of factors contributing to unrest in southern Sydney, ACMA was not persuaded that the comments were presented reasonably and in good faith for this purpose.

ACMA found 2GB breached clause 1.3(e) of the code. Under this clause, a licensee must not broadcast a program which is likely to incite or perpetuate hatred against or vilify any person or group on the basis of a number of attributes, including ethnicity.

The licensee advised ACMA that it took immediate action after the broadcast. An apology was aired on the day following the broadcast on the Channel 10 TV news and on radio station 2GB itself.

Station 2GB staff including all presenters and production staff have undergone "compliance training" since the broadcast and been briefed ‘about the importance of ensuring that in discussing current affairs, criticisms of particular types of conduct is reasonable, but criticisms that are based on persons having any of the attributes listed in code 1.3(e) are not’.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News as a public service brings this matter to a wider audience to heighten the point that broadcasters in democracies like Australia have clearly defined responsibilities as set out by law.

Digital Broadcasters | Saudi Arabia | TV Survey Favours Terrestrial TV

The مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group has told Digital Broadcasters Vendor News that its research shows that 93.9% of Saudi Arabia’s households have satellite TV, yet, some 48.4 % of households still tune into terrestrial broadcast TV.

Equally important is the high share of households that have Pay TV. Some 30% of the urban households surveyed indicated that they have Pay TV services.

Moreover, 73.7% of people in Saudi Arabia also listen to Radio Programs, with over half of them tuning to Radio on a daily basis.

مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group’s major analytical survey of Saudi Arabia’s main cities’ population was scientifically done. The survey involved face to face interviews with 674 respondents, 15 years old and up mobile phone users; from different households in the Western region of the country (Makkah - Mecca, Jeddah, Medina), Riyadh City, Dammam and Dhahran, and selected randomly in a manner proportionate to the estimated population size of the different areas.

For television viewing habits, the same survey showed audiences of TV news programs were from all age groups particularly the older groups. A larger percentage of the younger generation watch TV game shows and TV quiz shows, along with fashion TV and music-based programming.

Saudi viewers of higher (masters degree?) education levels were more attuned to political genres of programs.

High school and university level students watch more sports TV and health and fitness programs.

The survey results in full: “Saudi Arabia Media Survey 2007” by the مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group, January 20, 2007. The major survey probed each household’s media consumption habits and patterns related to Satellite TV, Terrestrial TV and Radio. The survey’s fieldwork was conducted in October and November 2006.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News backgrounder: The مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group’s team of analysts in the region has already produced over more than 710 reports on the Arab World’s communications and media markets. مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group provides research, analysis and forecasts of Arab communications, media, technology and financial markets.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Thailand | iTV Near Bankruptcy

A comment from Digital Broadcasters Vendor News -- There is going to be a lot of near brand new second hand digital broadcast equipment available if Thailand's beleaguered network, iTV faces bankruptcy.

You may recall that the iTV network, based in Bangkok was closely associated with the deposed Thai prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The publicly-listed network is heading towards possible bankruptcy after the country's military-run government rejected its latest offer to settle a fine of almost 100 billion Thai Baht fine (US$2.8bn) out of court. Time is running out fast.

A Supreme Court ruling in December restated a previous Central Administrative Court decision against the iTV network for manipulating the terms of its original operating concession with the Prime Minister's Office.

The court decisions against iTV are significant. It appears to be the first major attempt to dismantle Thaksin's once highly profitable telecommunications and media empire, sold to a Singapore Government company, Temasek Holdings before the Military ousted Thaksin.

Digital broadcasters Vendor News says that the Thai Military, with the removal of iTV UHF network will regain control as the dominant terrestrial broadcaster in the country. (in Thai)

Digital Broadcasters | Dubai | UK Pavilion Largest at CABSAT

UK-based, Tradefair, the event management company for the British technology industry, has informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News that that they have doubled the size of the UK Pavilion at CABSAT (Cable and Satellite Exhibition) Dubai, United Arab Emirates (6th – 8th March 2007).

Tradefair says that with over 52 leading and innovative British companies already registered as exhibitors in this digital broadcast sector , the UK Pavilion represents one third of the total numbers of companies exhibiting at CABSAT this year.

Expertise being demonstrated in the UK Pavilion includes cable & satellite communications, infrastructure technology, video & audio, digital broadcast & production solutions and online / offline editing devices.

Mark Birchall, Tradefair MD notes that his company started out in 2001 with six companies at CABSAT today totals 52. He says this means better prices for premium space and back up full logistical support.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that Tradefair also co- ordinates groups of UK companies at major trade exhibitions for the professional broadcasting sector: IBC - Amsterdam, NAB - Las Vegas, BroadcastAsia - Singapore, SATIS - Paris and BIRTV - Beijing.

Digital Broadcasters | MEASAT-3 Satellite | Competes with AsiaSat and ThaiSat

Digitial Broadcasters Vendor News has been wondering what happened to the plans of Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) to expand an international satellite television service in digital announced well over a year ago.

The answer came publicly on January 25 when RTM director-general, Datuk Abdul Rahman Hamid told the Bernama News Agency that it (RTM) was reviewing its plan to open the RTM international satellite channel following the migration of its transponder channels to the MEASAT-3 satellite from MEASAT-1.

Datuk Hamid said through MEASAT-3, RTM channels would be able to broadcast to 110 countries across Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa from 25 countries currently.

"We have been planning the international channel but were forced to hold back due to the cost. With MEASAT-3, we are proposing to review the plan," he added.

The RTM chief was in Cyberjaya (Malaysia's Silicon Valley) where MEASAT Satellite System Sdn Bhd, which provides satellite communication services, officially announced that MEASAT-3 had completed commissioning and entered commercial service with Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) as the satellite's first customer.

Launched on Dec 12, 2006, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, the MEASAT-3 satellite had undergone extensive in-orbit tests conducted by 15 Boeing space engineers stationed on-site at the MEASAT Teleport and Broadcast Centre here.

MEASAT CEO Paul I. Brown-Kenyon said the successful deployment of MEASAT-3 at the 91.5 degrees East orbital location boosted the company's satellite capacity by over 300 percent.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that the MEASAT-3 satellite footprint similarly matches those of Asiasat and Thaisat, spanning 70 percent of the world's population.

Digital Broadcasters | RTM Malaysia | Short Film Winners 2006

Malaysia: Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that the Short Film Awards jointly organised by state broadcaster, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) and 'Filem Negara Malaysia', will be made an annual event.

The announcement was made at the 2006 event held in Kuala Lumpur, January 27.

"Geng:The Beginning" a short movie, directed by Mohd Anas Abdul Aziz, was named as the overall winner of the Short Film Award 2006.

It also won the Best Animation Film category, and Mohd Anas was named the Best Animation Director in the inaugural AFP awards meant to recognise young talents and nurture their creativity.

A total of 30 films were shortlisted for the nominations from 227 films.

The awards were presented by Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin at the Angkasapuri's Auditorium Perdana and telecast live over the TV1 channel of Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

The AFP 2006 recognised excellence in seven aspects of short film making, namely length, cinematography, lighting, arts, editing, sound and music score, in addition to giving awards to six film categories, experimental, documentary, animation, advertisement, public service and comedy.

As informed to Digital Broadcasters Vendor News: a Bernama New Agency report said that the original idea for the Malaysia Short Film Awards came from Malaysia Information Minister, Zainuddin.

Digital Broadcasters | Afghan Radio and TV | Roshan Resigns

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has received a notice to say that the Director General of state run Afghanistan Radio and Television, Najib Roshan has submitted his resignation to President Hamid Karzai.

Najib Roshan cited the need to bring reforms to the organisation.

In his one year in the job, Roshan had instituted changes to reflect Afghanistan under a democratic government, but it is suspected that he found it too tough going with traditionalists.

Pajhwak news agency was the first to carry the news of Najib Roshan's resignation at Afghan Radio and TV.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Vietnam Television | New Transmitters Installed

Rohde & Schwarz, the German television broadcast transmitter specialist is rapidly installing 19 high-power UHF (ultra high frequency)analog transmitters of the R&S NH7000C antenna series to Vietnam Television, Digital Broadcasters Vendor News can report.

Rohde & Schwarz was commissioned to provide analog terrestrial TV coverage for state broadcaster, Vietnam Television to improve patchy transmission coverage particularly for VTV2 and VTV3. The flagship channel is VTV1.

R&S says that the liquid-cooled transmitters have an effective radiated power (ERP) of between 5 kW and 10 kW. They operate in a combined amplifier mode, and are designed to be easily converted to a digital standard at a later date.

The transmitters are being installed at eleven locations throughout Vietnam.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learnt that Rohde & Schwarz will also support Vietnam Television with respect to project management and maintenance of the transmitters. The German manufacturer maintains sales office in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Digital Broadcasters | GMA Pinoy TV | Expands with Harris Automation

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News was asked the other day if GMA Network in the Philippines had adopted a new digital broadcast Playout Automation System from Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS).

A Harris release November 21, 2006 reported that Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) had supplied and installed an upgrade to the Harris H- Class D-Series Playout Automation application at GMA Network for its playout of its GMA Pinoy TV Network seen around the world by 100,000 subscribers.

The D-Series Automation fits GMA Pinoy TV needs as it offers direct- to-home satellite delivery services platforms.That was enough for Jay V. Fuentes, assistant vice president for the Technical Operations Center and On-Air Operations Division at GMA Network to commit to the system. “When we decided to expand our international channel, ensuring we had the right automation was a critical element of the necessary upgrades. After our assessment, we concluded that upgrading our D-Series Playout Automation application was the best solution, as it has proven to be highly flexible and reliable, and it met all our expansion criteria, said Fuentes.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes how GMA Pinoy TV has a growing network. It is currently available in the United States in various California locations with sizeable Filipino populations and serving Philippine overseas workers in the Middle East, Malaysia, Japan, as well as in Guam and Saipan. Pinoy TV is also carried on both DIRECTV and cable TV in Hawaii.