Saturday, April 14, 2007

Digital Broadcasters |Al Jazeera English Versatile HDTV and SD

All digital broadcaster, Al Jazeera English, at its new Doha
headquarters studio complex in Qatar routinely retains video feeds in
high definition television (HD, HDTV) on a rotating basis for up to
one week using a recently installed, NEXIO XS server system from
Harris Broadcast Inc (NYSE:HRS). Specifically, the NEXIO XS server
platform at Al Jazeera English consists of 4 x NXS3600HDX servers
with more than 30 terabytes of storage that allows for 4 x incoming
news agency feeds simultaneously. The server is versatile enabling
the ability to record and generate output in either HD or SD -
standard definition, where required.

When the NXS3600HDX servers connect to the NEXIO storage area network
(SAN), the digital broadcaster has a streamlined infrastructure for
producing, processing, distributing and managing SD and HD content

Al Jazeera English is striving to become a unique broadcaster, the
distinction that Al Jazeera in Arabic has achieved already. Al Jaz
balances the news flow from south to north, providing accurate,
impartial and objective reporting for a global audience from a
grassroots level. Al-jaz has regional news bureaux in Kuala Lumpur,
London and Washington D.C.

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