Monday, April 16, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Listen Again to Australia Country Radio 1962

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News invites you down a trip to memory
lane from the days when radio announcers dressed up to present their
programs not dress down as is the case today.

Our friends at The Radio Heritage Foundation []
has a second
radio heritage documentary on RNZI during April.

"More Australian Country Radio" re-visits 1962 to radio stations in
Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. It was an era from time pips,
gongs and modulated and annunciated radio announcer tones.

From the days of 3MA Mildura - The Voice of Sunraysia, includes an
old Holden car ad, as well as from local stores. 7AD Devonport in
Tasmania, some recollections including, local weather, a station ID
and an ad of the time promoting the radio medium as a sales medium.

From 2GZ Orange City, grab a Sydney Water Board Loan and Super Ajax
ads along with hits from Ben E King....and 'Turntable 2BS' from
Bathurst with a string of hits and ID's completes the 1962 tour.

By the way, the first stop on the tour was the RZNI April 2
transmission which visited 2CA Canberra, 2WG Wagga Wagga, 3BO Bendigo
and 3BA Ballarat.

A trip down memory lane, a trip back in time on "Mailbox" on Radio
New Zealand International on audio-on-demand by clicking
on Audio, on 'more audio', scroll down to Mailbox and click on the
latest version updated for April 16 and for the April 2 "Mailbox".

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