Saturday, April 14, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | India Could Add 90 FM Radio Stations

Talking to local media in Mumbai, India, S.K.Arora, Secretary at the
Indian Broadcasting and Information Ministry indicated that a further
90 FM Radio station frequencies could be added soon in what the I&B
Ministry terms C & D level cities - those yet to have commercial
broadcast operations.

The I&B ministry is currently evaluating the viability of offering
such licences after it has quantifies how many of the 250 stations in
91 cities are profitable and were licensed in the second phase of
bidding for private FM radio stations last year.

Significantly, foreign investors can take up to 20 per cent equity in
broadcasting companies.

Meanwhile, Mr Arora reported developments in Community Radio / Campus
radio. He is quoted as saying that the Indian I&B Ministry has signed
60 letters of intent for educational institutions that are also
including a number of non government agencies (NGOs).

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