Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Philippines Enforces Cable TV IP Violations

Philippines has tightened the noose around the neck of cable TV pirates. From today a strengthened complaints process will be enforced. The legal framework for filing violation of broadcasters program content by cable TV pirates in the Philippines has been enacted between the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IP Philippines) and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). Together, they will expedite the resolution of cases filed with the NTC against cable operators involving violations of intellectual property rights, and NTC rules and regulations. Complainants can file to the IP office or the NTC.

The new procedures do not interfere with legal complaints being filed directly against cable TV operators by broadcasters and broadcast rights holders either.

Cases of copyright infringement reported to the NTC already in the pipeline will also be brought into the new system's framework.

CASBAA and other rights holders approve and welcome the new administrative procedures in the Philippines.

While at first glance it looks to be just another legal layer complainants have to work through, if everything goes to plan, complaints on broadcast rights violations will be funnelled through the same reporting system, quickening the process and making decisions more effective.

I hope there is a uniform and unique case numbering system, if all cases are to follow a standard procedure.

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