Sunday, April 08, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Bahrain | 1st Private TV Station

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learnt that Bahrein (Bahrain - مملكة البحرين Mamlakat al-Baḥrayn ) this weekend is getting its first private digital broadcaster, Atlas Travel and Culture. Satellite channel owner is local businessman Jamil A Wafa and partners. Bahreini reports say media expert Dr Mohsen Saffar will chair the TV station's board. Atlas Travel and Culture is believed will be part of the Bahreini Government TV mux on Arabsat's Badr transponder frequency 12226 horizontal. The station is also to be found on Nilesat. At press time exact details are unknown. The TV station's operations are based at Saar, about 15 kilometres west of Manama. Apparently the TV channel has the tacit support of Bahrein's Ministry of Information. Atlas Travel and Culture will be a-political and is reported to have already produced local documentaries on non-Bahreini contentious subjects. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News believes the only other direct "travel TV" competitor among Middle East Satellite television broadcasters is another outlet with the abbreviation "ATC" - Arab Travel Channel (ATC) from Dubai. That ATC has been distributed on satellite on Nilesat 102 since late 2004. Jamil A Wafa is a well connected member of the Bahrein establishment. His flagship group, UNITAG has handled many infrastructure projects in Bahrain in the past 30 years. Unitag has has worked with Thomcast Thomson Broadcast in the past for broadcasting equipment installation in Bahrain. One division, Magnum Holdings is also the backer of the premier travel exhibition in the region -, also more information at The photograph above of Mr Wafa is from the unitag web site. Meanwhile, Arab Travel Channel at Dubai Studio City (DSC) expanded its operation by expanding to a 60,000 sqft facility recently, and named as the Four Lines DSC. (Aptly named after its owner, Four Lines Media, a member of the UAE-based, Suwaidani Group). Picture shows ATC of Dubai at its stand at the BITE Exhibition 2006.

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