Saturday, April 14, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Kabul 98.1 Arman FM Online

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has heard from Arman FM in Kabul. This is one of the digital radio and TV success stories of a war ravaged country. 98.1FM is online, with live streaming. Essentially, the station is trying to reach pockets in the country where their terrestrial transmission cannot reach. They are on satellite.

What is so good is that true inter-raction is possible with the Afghani Diaspora worldwide when someone has access to the Internet. Program requests and message are so easy. From within Afghanistan using the Roshan phone network it is a case of just dialling 456. Regular phone +93 799 780 456 and phone the answer phone menu instructions (option 1).

Listen Here

We at Digital Broadcasters Vendor News accessed Arman 98.1.FM using iTunes (being on Mac's) and the sound quality is terrific.

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