Monday, January 29, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Vietnam | VoV promoting AIDS Awareness

State broadcaster, Voice of Vietnam radio (VoV) this week starts a major promotion campaign to educate Vietnamese on the dangers of HIV/ AIDS using a radio soap opera to bring home the message. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learnt that funding is coming from the Danish NGO, the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) amounting to US$770,000.

Voice of Vietnam is collaborating with DANIDA and the United Nations Population Fund for the program project.

The objective of the effort and long-term goal is to promote increased access to and improve the quality of reproductive health services.

The soap opera is aimed to educate young people about HIV/AIDS seeking to change behaviors to prevent HIV transmission.

Voice of Vietnam is broadcasting the radio soap drama in all 64 provinces in the country and in several ethnic language versions.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that the Scandinavians are quietly working away in Indo-China in various NGO funded radio broadcast projects for Asian state broadcasters. The DANIDA funding in Vietnam ends in December 2009 and will underwrite all 104-episodes of the HIV/AIDS awareness radio series.

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