Monday, January 29, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Saudi Arabia | TV Survey Favours Terrestrial TV

The مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group has told Digital Broadcasters Vendor News that its research shows that 93.9% of Saudi Arabia’s households have satellite TV, yet, some 48.4 % of households still tune into terrestrial broadcast TV.

Equally important is the high share of households that have Pay TV. Some 30% of the urban households surveyed indicated that they have Pay TV services.

Moreover, 73.7% of people in Saudi Arabia also listen to Radio Programs, with over half of them tuning to Radio on a daily basis.

مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group’s major analytical survey of Saudi Arabia’s main cities’ population was scientifically done. The survey involved face to face interviews with 674 respondents, 15 years old and up mobile phone users; from different households in the Western region of the country (Makkah - Mecca, Jeddah, Medina), Riyadh City, Dammam and Dhahran, and selected randomly in a manner proportionate to the estimated population size of the different areas.

For television viewing habits, the same survey showed audiences of TV news programs were from all age groups particularly the older groups. A larger percentage of the younger generation watch TV game shows and TV quiz shows, along with fashion TV and music-based programming.

Saudi viewers of higher (masters degree?) education levels were more attuned to political genres of programs.

High school and university level students watch more sports TV and health and fitness programs.

The survey results in full: “Saudi Arabia Media Survey 2007” by the مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group, January 20, 2007. The major survey probed each household’s media consumption habits and patterns related to Satellite TV, Terrestrial TV and Radio. The survey’s fieldwork was conducted in October and November 2006.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News backgrounder: The مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group’s team of analysts in the region has already produced over more than 710 reports on the Arab World’s communications and media markets. مجموعة المرشدين العرب Arab Advisors Group provides research, analysis and forecasts of Arab communications, media, technology and financial markets.


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