Sunday, January 28, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Thailand | iTV Near Bankruptcy

A comment from Digital Broadcasters Vendor News -- There is going to be a lot of near brand new second hand digital broadcast equipment available if Thailand's beleaguered network, iTV faces bankruptcy.

You may recall that the iTV network, based in Bangkok was closely associated with the deposed Thai prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The publicly-listed network is heading towards possible bankruptcy after the country's military-run government rejected its latest offer to settle a fine of almost 100 billion Thai Baht fine (US$2.8bn) out of court. Time is running out fast.

A Supreme Court ruling in December restated a previous Central Administrative Court decision against the iTV network for manipulating the terms of its original operating concession with the Prime Minister's Office.

The court decisions against iTV are significant. It appears to be the first major attempt to dismantle Thaksin's once highly profitable telecommunications and media empire, sold to a Singapore Government company, Temasek Holdings before the Military ousted Thaksin.

Digital broadcasters Vendor News says that the Thai Military, with the removal of iTV UHF network will regain control as the dominant terrestrial broadcaster in the country. (in Thai)

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