Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Digital Broadcasters | Bangladesh | BBC Bengali Feeds on SMS

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has heard from the BBC World Service and its service, has teamed up with "QA Konsortium", a digital mobile content aggregator in Bangladesh and launched a comprehensive SMS news service in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

The cellphone service offers mobile users cricket and football amongst its seven news feeds.

In all the service has seven feeds to start with: Callers just dial 6666 to register. Each service has a syntax code thus: for news on the Asia Pacific "bbc ap"; Breaking News "bbc bn", Cricket "bbc cr"; Entertainment "bbc en"; Football "bbc fb"; South Asia "bbc sa"; and World New "bbc wn".

The Bangladeshi service is part of the BBC Bengali service. Sabir Mustafa, Head of BBC Bengali, said: "News through mobile phones is the newest frontier of today’s broadcasting world, and the BBC is at the forefront of this new media revolution. By combining cutting edge technology with our highest editorial standards and unequalled newsgathering.

BBC Bengali broadcasts are regarded by listeners as a reference point for accuracy and impartiality. BBC bengali boasts bureaux in Dhaka, Kolkata and New Delhi. The Bengali language broadcasts go out in three programming blocks a day and carried 24/7 on

Dhaka based, QA Konsortium was formed with a view to bringing Solutions on Solid Foundations to accelerate the businesses in different industries. QA aims to build and establish itself as the only integrated platform enabling it to meet every single requirement for its valued clients in Bangldesh. QA is currently concentrating in the Telecom Products and Advertising sectors. The company has partnered with TeamtalkMedia, CinemaElectric and FuguMobile to leap frog tec hnology for the benefit of Bangladesh subscribers to services.

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