Monday, July 16, 2007

Digital Broadcaster | Ten Sports Takes WASP3D Solution

Ten Sports, Dubai - the satellite TV sports network targeting the Indian Diaspora and the sub-continent's television broadcast markets has chosen Beehive Systems and its WASP3D Graphics software for live playout, according to a Beehive release to Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA). Beehive's United Arab Emirates agent/distributor - Wecom Global, installed the WASP3D software solution in Ten Sports transmission suites. Ten Sports is the third satellite TV broadcaster in the Middle East to install the WASP3D graphics system after Al Rai TV and Future TV. The Beehive relase quoted Steve Halis, VP – Operations, Engineering & MIS at Taj Television as saying that WASP3D was chosen after a thorough evaluation and detailed comparison of competing solutions. Taj TV owns and operates Ten Sports. WASP3D is an advanced graphics software with design tools like real-time emitter based, Particle system that comes with wind, gravity, speed options that help achieve realistic effects. Beehive says that WASP3D for sports broadcasting offers real-time sports data presentation, spectacular interactive graphics display, 3D camera views of the game from various angles and the virtual sets. TEN Sports, launched in April 2002, is a dominant sports network, focussing on cricket as a programming anchor. The channel reaches nearly 50 million cable/ satellite households worldwide and claims the title as the world’s biggest producer of cricket for television broadcast. Ten Sports also owns the exclusive rights in its designated broadcast markets for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the UEFA Champions League, the U.S. Open Tennis and hockey’s World Cup Tournament. DBVNA believes the WASP3D - Ten Sports/Taj TV deal is a major purchasing coup for broadcast software manufacturer, Beehive based in India and its UAE distributor Wecom Global. (wecom web site, is under construction). (under construction not up yet) Does the WASP3D match competitive systems such as from Avid, also handled by Wecom Global in the UAE? Leave your comments - can be anonymous, but it is more authoratative, when sourced.

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