Friday, July 27, 2007

DBVNA :: TVNZ Charter Renewal - Good News For DTV Vendors

This Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA) message is directed at those involved in New Zealand's broadcast TV technology sector both at the individual company level as well as at the TV industry grouping level - to the opportunity for you to influence the digital direction of Television New Zealand (TVNZ). The reason is that it is now review time of the Television New Zealand charter as the country's national broadcaster. This takes place every 5 years. TVNZ faces the expansion of digital, responding to the changing needs of broadcaster - consumer/viewer interaction. Here is your opportunity to influence the choices and technology standards adopted by TVNZ as it moves into digital diversification both in digital delivery and content origination systems. The TVNZ says in its remit for Charter renewal: "of the 'high standards' it wishes to maintain in all areas. At the same time it intends to play a leading role in New Zealand television by setting standards of program quality and encouraging "creative risk-taking and experiment". I interpret that to mean that risks in content will require the need to have the technology available to support content experimentation. This is where manufacturers across all production and distribution areas can put to TVNZ's Engineering management proposals to make proprietary systems the preferred choice of TVNZ. There is no better time than at Charter renewal time when the corporation has to be legally open to new ideas and thinking in pursuit it license renewal - that is what the Charter review is all about. A TVNZ press announcement of earlier in July stated that the process for reviewing the TVNZ Charter is governed by the Television New Zealand Act 2003 which says the Charter must be reviewed every five years by Parliament. In preparation for the statutory review, TVNZ wishes to present the Minister of Broadcasting with a suggested redraft with the public's views on it. The way TVNZ wants to move forward and its proposals are presented online at , use keyword: Charter Redraft. While the heightened publicity with advertisements on TV One and TV2 flagship channels of TVNZ are directed at a month long public debate, the actual TVNZ submission will not be made until later in the year to the Minister of Broadcasting. I suggest to you as a digital TV manufacturer or distributor, to consider making your move now to connect with TVNZ Engineering and push your case for them to adopt your new digital technology. Remember, that TVNZ will launch new digital channels later this year and early next with TVNZ 6 and TVNZ 7 and increasingly in future years through TVNZ ondemand, the TVNZ website and other media devices. If you are involved in the audio - radio side of the industry, you will be aware of the process that Radio New Zealand went through in its recent Broadcast Charter renewal. TVNZ informed DVBNA that it was following the process Radio New Zealand adopted for its Charter review. To recap, there are two areas that caught the attention of DBVNA in the TVNZ management proposals that give a guide as to new technology requirements as TVNZ moves ahead in the digital TV arena: Innovation and Development of New Zealand talent, as set out as follows: - TVNZ to promote innovation, risk taking and creativity to extend the range of ideas and experiences available to New Zealanders by creative risk-taking and experimentation. Areas of the current Charter covered by this redrafted point: - TVNZ to support and promote the talents and creative resources of New Zealanders and of the independent New Zealand film and television industry. The emphasis on the contribution on a greater contribution from the commissioning of outside production work.

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