Sunday, August 27, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Star News India in 'Pole Position'

Digital television broadcaster, STAR News India is launching a new half hour TV program to cater to 'the growing list of car enthusiasts' to be aired Sundays in the 5.30pm time slot.

It is true that vehicle sales in India are growing at a rate of 8-10 per cent year-on-year and several international auto majors are introducing their automobiles to India.

A simple enough reason for the introduction of the show. Right?

According to Star News, the automobile sector in India is currently undergoing a dynamic transformation.

"A few years ago, a buyer didn’t have many choices. All he had to do was to choose between the ever-trustworthy 'Ambassador', the tried and tested 'Fiat Premier Padmini' and the 'Maruti 800'. But today, the scenario has changed drastically; the average disposable income of an individual has increased, city dwellers have adopted a more demonstrative lifestyle and car manufacturers from all across the world are looking at India as a key market. The auto show will aid the viewer with hard facts and expert opinions before he sets off to purchase a brand new set of wheels.”

But guys, you have chosen the name of the TV program as "Top Speed"!

Now that is a bit too close for my liking to the name of BBC World TV's, innovative and highly successful "Top Gear" series.

I just hope Top Speed gets a good 'pole position' in the viewing stakes.

I hope ‘Top Speed’ lives up to the Star India publicity machine's description, that the show "promises to delve into facts to separate fact from fiction". I just hope it is not "pulp fiction"

No more 'Digital Broadcasters Vendor News' going into over drive. For now!

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