Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Digital Audio|"Radio Two Pty Limited" on the Auction Block

The Australian digital broadcaster, radio station "Radio Two Pty Limited" in Sydney is in the final throws of liquidation.

Its state-of-the-art digital radio production and transmission facilities are going under the auctioneers block, "online" between August 18 and 22 via Web site: SALE_ID=50262

If you need quality, digital broadcast equipment at knockdown prices, the gear is presently located in Homebush suburb of Sydney. Here is what is being offered:

'Logitek' Broadcast System Comprising 2 X AE-32 Control Engines Each With 'Logitek' "Numix 12" Digital Control Surface, 'Logitek' "Remora - 4" Digital Control Surface, Logitek Route - XY Remote Source Selector Router 4 x D+R "Lyra" Control Surfaces 2 x Pro Tools Systems Comprising 'Macintosh' G5 Tower Computers Each 2 X 2GHz Processors, Software Version 6.9 2002, 19 Inch VCD Widescreen Cinema Display, Digi Design Digi 002 8 Channel Control Surface 'Innes Corporation' Flash Log - 8 Log Select Function 'Tandberg' Digital Evolution 5000 Encoder Model E5720 With 8 X TT1220 Digital Satellite Receivers 'Talia' E310 Amplifier & MB630 Monitor Bridge Musicam Prima LT 20 KHz Stereo Bi Directional Audio Codec 2 x Sonifex S2 Digital Controller Broadcast Mixers Elan Audio Equipment Including RMR-01 Monitor Record System, 'Eurorack' Chassis Configured With 12 x EAL-01V Cards, RMS-01 Monitor System, 9 X RUC-01 Amplifiers, 5 X RMA-01 Monitor Amplifiers, OB 4+1 Ob Amplifier, RPF-02 Program Fail Monitor Yamaha 01V96 16 Track Mixer 7 x 'Denon' DN-C680 Professional CD Players Dialog 4 Music Taxi VP-Pro Dial Up Music Delivery System Lucid Ssg 192 High Definition Sync Generator Videoquip DAC-2 Digital-to-Analog Converters 'Kramer' Vs-811 Vertical Interval Switcher Approx. 26 Microphones Including 10 X AKG C1000S, 'Neumann' TLM103, 'Senheiser' MKM 416 P48 Studio, 'Shure' SM57 & 58, Microphone & Music Stands Speakers Including Bose 402 on Floor Stands, 'Martin' C115, Landmark, 'Beringher' Truth 2030a 'Beringher' Powerplay Pro XI Headphone Amplifiers, 'Europack' MX1604A Mixers, ADA 8000 A/D + D/A Converters Ultra DI Boxes 'Peavey' CS200 & Redback A4062 Power Amplifiers 'Logic' Hi-Fi 650 Headphones 'NEC' PX-42VR5W & LG RT-42PX10 42" Plasma Televisions 'NEC' LT265 2500 ANSI LCD Projector 'Panasonic' & 'Konka' CRT TVs, VCR's

Digital radio broadcasters or radio production facility owners can check out the "Radio Two Pty Limited" radio equipment catalog online at

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