Saturday, August 12, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|AES Seoul Papers (6)

The 29th AES Conference, "Audio for Mobile and Handheld Devices", all digital, September 2 to 4, 2006 Seoul National, lUniversity Campus

Digital Audio Presentations - Part 6

A Hybrid System Approach for Class-D digital audio Amplifier

Invited Speakers:

Gaƫl Pillonnet and Philippe Marguery, ST Microelectronics, France,

Nacer Abouchi, CPE, Lyon, France

The field of switching electronics poses challenging control problems that cannot be treated in a complete manner using traditional modelling and controller design approaches. Class D amplifiers invite the application of advanced hybrid systems methodologies. Nowadays, the recent theoretical advances in the field of digital hybrid systems are inviting both the control and the electronics communities to revisit the model and the control issues. Motivated by this, a novel model for Class D is outlined in this paper. As motor drives and dc-dc conversion fields, the hybrid control theory can be applied to the digital audio amplifier but the first step is to find the good hybrid model to describe the system.

Class AB versus D for Digital Multimedia Applications in Portable Electronic Devices

Invited Speaker:

Pascal Tournier, 'On Semiconductor', France

Portable digital electronic products are integrating more and more multimedia capabilities. This has created great interest in incorporating digital stereo capabilities. Thus, when considering the power management inside a cellular phone for example, the audio function is becoming a key player. By looking at the basics of Class AB and D topologies, this paper is promoting the efficiency of the new digital filterless ClassD amplifiers.

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