Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Digital Camera | Shotoku at IBC 2006

Shotoku New products at IBC 2006, Amsterdam

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, the leading Japanese vendor of TV camera supports for the television broadcast industry, will introduce its newest manual and robotic products to the European market at IBC 2006.

In focus will be the Shotoku Broadcast TP-90 Pneumatic Pedestal with its matching TE-23 pan / tilt head. The TP-90 and TE-23, designed to accommodate a wide range of camera configurations, joins the company’s comprehensive range of pedestals with matching pan / tilt heads. The pedestal, built on the success of the award-winning TP-80 pneumatic pedestal, incorporates design elements of its predecessor’s column that ensures its rigidity and facilitates very light and smooth up/down movement.

In addition, the SH-100 lightweight aluminum head with a series of companion tripods is being shown. The versatile SH-100 perfect balance ENG fluid head will be shown with the TDA100 2-stage, TSA100 single stage, and TT-66 4-stage aluminum tripods.

In robotic controls, Shotoku will unveil the TG-19 pan / tilt head, and TI-12 Height Drive. Supporting a maximum payload of 70kg (154 lbs), the new TG-19 pan / tilt head allows large lens, camera and teleprompter combinations to be controlled smoothly and reliably. Following in the footsteps of it’s sister model - the TG-18 - the TG-19 is capable of manual control and has the ability to ‘learn’ the movements of its studio operator allowing them to be replayed exactly and as often as required.

Like the Company’s entire robotic range of camera pan / tilt heads, high-resolution intelligent optical encoders are used allowing Virtual Reality outputs without modification to the TV camera support head itself.


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