Friday, August 11, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|Gangsu TV, Guizhou TV Choose EqualLogic

In digital broadcasters news, two of China provincial television networks, Gansu TV and Guizhou TV have selected video editing and digital content storage area network solutions from EqualLogic of New Hampshire.

The award-winning PS Series enterprise-class iSCSI solution works in the broadcast digital TV editing environment while simultaneously simplifying storage management and ensuring ongoing success.

"Media and broadcasting organizations in Asia are under great pressure to make the move to digital broadcasting with non-linear editing and improve operations while reducing costs," said Steve Peabody, VP worldwide sales at EqualLogic.

Peabody added: “EqualLogic meets this need by offering companies a high-performance solution with a way to consolidate and manage storage without the high cost and complexity of traditional Fibre Channel solutions. The inherent simplicity and built-in automation of an EqualLogic SAN enables customers to leverage the skills of existing IT administrators without having to expand the budget."

EqualLogic says its media and broadcasting customers are getting a high-performance SAN solution for their video editing and digital content store, enabling them to better manage their overall storage capacity and performance needs.

The PS Series also offers 24/7 backup and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure business continuity. This capability enables them to consolidate all the video editing stations under a single SAN group rather than islands of storage which had previously been the case with traditional Fiber Channel solutions.

“The advent of both digital broadcasting and the content store created a significant challenge for our media customers. Namely, all content, whether stored or in the process of being edited, needed to be readily accessible from any workstation within the operations centre,” added Peabody. “This capability simply was not possible with the previous systems. With the EqualLogic solution we give these companies the simplicity of installation and design, the performance required for non-Linear editing, the ease of access for both online and stored content and ultimately the opportunity to continue driving their businesses forward.”

Vendor, EqualLogic's two digital broadcaster customers in China, are major TV networks with multi-channel playout.

Guizhou TV (GZSTV) was founded in 1968, currently staffed with 1,300 employees and nine channels which cover news, TV play, movies, sports & travel, science, education and health, Teletext and the Guizhou TV Broadcast Newspaper.

GZSTV currently originates 33 programs, broadcast 24/7 to a provincial audience of 43 million, ranking it 9th of the province- level TV stations.

The newly-built Guizhou TV network center has intelligent and digitized features, which will enable it to meet its digital TV development needs for years to come.

GZSTV has been approved and designated as an advanced television center within China due to its all-digital, automated high definition TV (HDTV) end-to-end broadcasting set up.

Meanwhile, Gansu TV (GSTV) was established in October 1970 as the first television station in Gansu Province. Relying on strong production abilities and state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment, GSTV has consistently provided its national audience with high- quality TV programs.

GSTV also plays a key role as a modernized information transmission media in the northwest region of China.

Currently, GSTV operates three television channels, the GSTV Satellite Channel, the GSTV Culture Channel and the GSTV Finance Channel.

The GSTV Satellite Channel broadcast footprint reaches all of China and neighbouring Southeast Asia countries.

EqualLogic supplies its self managing storage area network solutions to Fortune 100 and small and mid-size organizations in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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