Sunday, August 13, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|Hallmark Channel Asia. Where are You?

Digital broadcaster and privately-owned, Hallmark Channel celebrated its 5th anniversary on August 5 for its US operations which now has a potential reach of 74 million homes. It says it is a leader in original movie programming; the network continues to rank in the Top 10 among US household ratings and the Adults and Women aged 25-54, and just this past month (July) ranked #4 in Prime Time HH ratings.

Can the same be said for Hallmark Channel in Asia-Pacific now under the Sparrowhawk International stable? Where, to even communicate with the channel is nigh on impossible. Do they have an Asia office these days?

PS. Dear BODY=feedback.jsp please fix your site so that your online form can be completed instead of the after-completion, advice comes up..that says: sorry we are unable to accept your message at this time..or words to that effect.

The website certainly is not user friendly. So much for good PR.

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