Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Digital Broadcaster | "Australian Network" launch

Digital broadcaster, "ABC Asia Pacific" became "Australia Network" - Australia's international satellite channel on August 7 as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation extends its mandate for a further 5 years to operate the service. With the name change, the TV channel has been re-branded.

The ABC receives sub-vented funds towards the cost of the TV network broadcasts. These come from the Australia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Australia Network is seen across Asia-Pacific using three program feeds, known as India, Asia and Pacific and shared between PAS-2 and PAS-8 satellites. In fact, the television services can been accessed from Mongolia in the north, India to the west, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea in the south and across Pacific to the Cook Islands and the fringes of French Polynesia to the east.

Australia Network coverage is achieved through broadcast distribution agreements from satellite direct-to-home (DTH) to cable TV carriage, satellite re-broadcast, commmmunal distribution system (SMAT-V) and with many of the region's hotels.

Offering a rich and diverse range of information and general programming, Australia Network is currently available in 10.2 million homes in 41 countries across the region and in more than 200,000 hotel rooms.

Screening programs specifically produced for regional audiences, Australia Network draws on the vast inventory of programming available from both the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Australian commercial television networks and independent TV production houses from around the world. It is to continue its TV sports coverage.

The digital broadcaster has its own brand new web site http:// www.australianetwork.com

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