Sunday, August 13, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|Dogatch Japan New VOD Portal

Digital Broadcast TV news vendors in Japan, Nippon Television News 24, NewsSi TBS/JNN, FNN, and ANN news is helping put a video-on- demand TV news web site <> on the map, even in this its trial period.

From August 11, Broadband visitors to the web site have been able to watch free-of-charge, real-time news in up to 10 categories from the TV news organisations.

Starting from August 19, Dogatch adds more sport with the FIBA basketball World Championships 2006 (men) taking place in Japan.

The Dogatch portal is run by Presentcast <>

Based in Tokyo, PReSENTCAST president, Ishikawa, Yutaka opened the “DOGATCH” website on June 1.

Mr Ishikawa said the concept for the website is “An Internet that makes TV more fun!” as a broadband video distribution portal site.

Aiming for the start of full service in the Autumn, PReSENTCAST with partner, Interactive Program Guide, Inc. < > says Dogatch is an online extension of the G-GUIDE already in operation to promote consumer electronics devices and mobile phones.

Program Guide president, Mr Toji, Keisuke said the partners are considering development of an online video content guide feature on the “DOGATCH” site.

Both companies plan to discuss the development of new methods of presenting content information in support of the products on sale on the web site and the TV content being shown.

The TV web site has already shown the highlight coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2006, in collaboration with 5 Japanese television stations.

On August 4, the site added excerpts from popular Japanese produced TV programs 'udon', 'High School Baseball Match', 'Fireworks show at the Sumida River' for VOD online viewing.

Visit the portal <> (Japanese only.)

Some material sourced from <> (JCN Network)

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