Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Omnibus at IBC 2006

OmniBus Systems, New IPTV Products at IBC 2006, Amsterdam

UK-based broadcast vendor, Omnibus Systems known for its comprehensive automation and content management solutions to the broadcast industry has added to its product line, the iTX intelligent transmission software for IPTV applications.

By replicating all the functions of TV master control to a very high level of sophistication, iTX enables IPTV service providers, online broadcasters, mobile TV services, content aggregators, and media portals to launch new services quickly, simply, and cost-effectively via a single software-based transmission solution.

"The entry of iTX into the IPTV world changes everything, opening the broadcast scene to newcomers from markets such as content providers, digital signage and IPTV services," said Jay Schwartzberg, OmniBus Systems, VP worldwide sales for iTX. "The cost and complexity of traditional broadcast infrastructures previously was an obstacle to the launch of new channels and services. iTX eliminates that stumbling block, replacing the unwieldy broadcast infrastructure with an elegant, affordable, and infinitely scalable all-in-one transmission solution."

Omnibus notes that it can be challenging an expensive for modern broadcast infrastructures to enable transmission require a substantial amount of dedicated hardware, and coordination of all of the systems and related protocols. This is where the iTX software solves this issue, serving as video server, master control, graphics, and logo inserter with functionality including automation, ingest, editing, and basic content management.

iTX is full-featured, format-independent, and bit rate-agnostic solution that can mix DV, MPEG1, 2 & 4, AVI, and WMV formats freely and will scale incoming media of any resolution to the appropriate output format, enabling SD and HD content to be mixed on the same playlist.

Omnibus says that non-traditional TV broadcasters are aware of the value proposition of an IP-based transmission solution, and they embrace Omnibus' technology because they understand they can gain the benefits of traditional broadcast functionality by leveraging the very network infrastructures in which they already have invested millions or even billions.

As more and more broadcast content is distributed through various platforms, it becomes increasingly important that programming is well constructed, with an appealing look and feel made possible through sophisticated branding and smooth transitions between clips. iTX provides all of this functionality from a single flexible and intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows operators to monitor and control multiple channels and schedules on-screen simultaneously.

OmniBus Systems provides TV broadcasters, cable TV , and satellite organizations with comprehensive automation and media content management solutions that address every area of television-related operations.

Its TV newsroom, content, and workflow automation solutions include acquisition and recording of rich media material, low-resolution editing, media asset management and playout.

The Asia office of broadcast equipment vendor, OmniBus is located in Singapore.

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