Monday, August 07, 2006

Digital Audio | Virtual Katy IBC 2006

Digital Audio Post production specialist Virtual Katy Development at IBC 2006 Amsterdam

Virtual Katy, the New Zealand software specialist and a Digidesign development partner delivering workflow solutions for audio professionals says version 2.1 of its VK is now available just ahead of IBC 2006.

The new point release offers workflow enhancements that fine tune VK ergonomics and elevate the overall change management performance. VK 2.1 deepens the control over the change management process and delivers a comprehensive solution for mastering the Pro Tools environment. “Mass adoption of our VK products has provided us with a unique opportunity to understand how we can further enhance our solutions to optimize the audio post process,” comments John McKay, founder, Virtual Katy.

John Kay is a keynote speaker at the IBC 2006 Confereance September 8-12 Amsterdam.

VK 2.1 Highlights:

* Event Management: Elect any number of events and conform just those events. * Event Filtering: One click and events can be sorted by source time or destination time * Event Alerts: Alerts in the status bar indicates the number of change events detected as well as the progress of your conform. * Precise Triggering Controls: VK users can now set both a destination hour, or hour and minute. * Expanded Format Support: VK 2.1 allows key number as well as ink number Cutlists to be loaded. * Intuitive EDL Management: Drag and dropping an EDL when there is no project now creates a blank project to store it. * Intuitive Import Support: Importing a Change Note automatically sets a project to 24fps.

The other distinct product for the audio post market from Virtual Katy is the VK Conformer -designed for the sole purpose of non- destructively conforming and recompiling Pro Tools sessions.

VK Conformer is cut from the original battle-hardened Virtual Katy software which was put to the digital audio post editing test on Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy.

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