Sunday, August 20, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Chinese 'Mobile TV' in USA

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia has learned that smarTVideo Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: SMVD) and Content Asia Network (CAN) have jointly launched the first Chinese language Mobile TV channel in the U.S over mobile phones.

Since August 19, through three live feeds to Content Asia Network's channel, mobile phone subscribers to the smarTVideo 'Mobile TV' network now have real-time access to premium Asian content including TV shows, movies, videos, sports, news, comedy, drama, and cultural programming. This means US viewers can see the programming the same day it is broadcast in Asia, or through smarTVideo's easy on-demand option.

New CAN channels will also feature the best content from Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines, including China's top rated television series, "The Mr. Na Show," a funny cooking and travel talk show watched by over 60 million people per week in China.

It is worth noting that Bill Reilly, CEO of Content Asia Network says that the smarTVideo deal is bringing premium Asian content to the technically savvy, yet underserved Asian audience in the U.S.

In support of the new channel, CAN is using a multi-pronged national marketing campaign that will include a print component as well as television commercials and infomercials that will run on selected Chinese language networks such as Phoenix TV, Skylink TV, LA-18 TV and ICN channels all around the country. CAN also plans to trigger a pervasive on-line ad campaign on global Asian-interest websites including Tyloon, the leading Chinese search engine.

smarTVideo says that shortly Content Asia Network's channel will have an even wider audience following its beta testing using J2ME handsets.

Recognising this is a "niche" market, David Ross, President of smarTVideo said that the deal with Content Asia Network allows smarTVideo to target the extensive network of Asian mobile users in the U.S. interested in information and entertainment from their native countries.

Mr Ross noted the "niche" offered potential benefits of viral marketing: "The 'jungle drums' communication system has already netted a number of subscribers during our soft Beta test period.

Details of which digital broadcasters in Asia has content deals with this project can be found from their web sites.

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