Saturday, August 12, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|Harris (NYSE:HRS) Middle East TV Sale

Digital broadcast equipment vendor, Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) based in Cincinnati issued a press release on August 11, 2006 that announced that Fashion TV Arabia, a subsidiary of Michel Adam's Fashion TV in Paris, had taken delivery of a turnkey Harris play-out system as part of its recently launched (March 2006 is recent??) channel, dedicated to the Middle East region.

The release then went on to explain how the sale, which was made by the certified Harris software developer in the region, MT2, included NEXIO transmission servers, storage arrays, applications for remote control and clip playout; an Inscriber real-time, 2D/3D graphics platform and a Panacea routing switcher, as well as a wide range of timing, distribution and processing products.

But, no wonder Arabs in the Middle East are so frustrated with Americans.

The Middle East is a big place!

Did no one study geography at vendor, Harris Corporation Marketing?

By the absence of locations and place names, a reader of their press release would be inclined to think so.

The announcement issued in Cincinnati gave illustrious detail of the product line up, but nowhere was there a single mention of WHERE in the Middle East, MT2 was located, or where the quoted regional Harris office is based, or where the Fashion TV Arabia playout is located.

Further, I continue to be amazed that at a time when we live in the I.T. era and news can zip around the world in a fraction of a second, companies issue press announcements that relate to an event nearly half a year earlier, as though it is news worthy.

The radio and TV industry trade press will likely carry the contents of the Harris press release without a blink or adjustment to the text. This will be mostly true to form for many of the publishers act as sycophants, daring not to criticise their paymasters (advertisers) - the same big, broadcast equipment manufacturers.

[Definition of "recent": lately happening, of late occurrence, newly come, of yesterday, not long past (as a period), up-to-the-minute, new-fangled, up-to-date.....The Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale, Pennsylvania.]

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