Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | DivX UTV India

In digital TV, UTV the integrated media company that focuses on television content and program production for many TV broadcasters in India is linking with video software vendor DivX, the digital software entertainment company.

Together, UTV and DivX are to offer premium movie content in the high- quality DivX format to Indian consumers.

The content is licensed from UTV, holder of the broadcast and video distribution rights to many Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

All titles are encoded in high-quality, secure DivX format, compatible with millions of DivX-Certified consumer electronics devices from major manufacturers.

Titles that will be available in DivX for the Indian market include: "The Myth," "Swades," "Main Meri Patni Aur Woh," "Sin City," "Unleashed" and "Pulp Fiction."

UTV's program/content distribution reach is worldwide where ever the Indian Diaspora is located.

US-based, DivX is a success story in video production software.

It has recorded some of the highest sales and downloads online for any software. Its video compression-decompression software library, or codec, has been actively sought out and downloaded over 180 million times in the last four years.

DivX has since built on the success of its codec with other video consumer software, including the DivX Player application from the company's web site. [See side panel to the right.>]

[Digital Broadcast Vendor News Asia has learned that in the last twelve months alone, DivX software has recorded 50 million downloads online.]

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