Wednesday, August 02, 2006

China to Announce Digital TV Standard?

Are China's digital terrestrial broadcasting standard(s) to be announced?

According to informed sources in contact with 'Global Sources' this will happen any day now to end years of rivalry between the two research establishments at the forefront of the trials.

Tsinghua University in Beijing and Jiaotong University in Shanghai have been undertaking extensive work on the European DVB-T standard and other variations even including the U.S. DTV standard ATSC 8-VSB.

Though its name is not official yet, the standard is being called Digital Multimedia Broadcast-Terrestrial/Handheld (DMB-T/H). The standard signals the beginning of the end for small Chinese trials of Europe's DVB-T standard, and it adds another rival to the mix for mobile-TV services in China—the world's largest market for TVs and mobile phones.

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