Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beijing TV Buys SRS Labs Audio system

July 13, Hong Kong: Ricky Wong, regional director - Greater China for SRS Labs,Inc (NASDAQ:SRSL) the US audio broadcast equipment supplier says that Beijing TV has selected the SRS Circle Surround encoded system.

Beijing TV, has adopted the surround sound broadcast format for the weekly TV program, "Community Music Tonight." In addition, the company plans to use the format in additional programming to extend their offering of content with high-quality surround sound.

The SRS Labs system was designed and delivered by Jolly ProAudio Broadcast Engineering Ltd in a very short time frame.

Wong says that since the system can be delivered over any two-channel path, broadcasters who use the format are able to leverage their surround-enabled programming beyond the television to new application such as hand held devices such as mobile phones and portable media players.

Beijing TV is part of the Beijing Broadcasting, Film, and Television Group Set up on May 28, 2001 as a business unit, as part of restructuring of the radio and television industry across China.

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