Saturday, July 01, 2006

Brazil: ISDB-T Is Superior to DVB or ATSC

Brazil has signed into law the adoption of the Japan digital broadcast television standard, ISDB-T. The reason for its take up is summed up in the following quote.


The portability and mobility of the Japanese system (ISDB-T) was superior to the American (ATSC) and European (DVB) versions. I expect other South American countries would follow the example of Brazil, which means TV manufacturers in Brazil like Sony and Panasonic will see their exports grow substantially in the near future.

Jose Inacio Pizani, President, Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Stations

End Quote

In support of the adoption of the ISDB-T standard, Brazil will receive technology transfers, investment in semiconductor manufacturing operations, and financing of up to US$500 million from the Japan Bank for International Co-operation.

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