Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Major RosteleCom News

Rostelecom (RTS: RTKM) in Moscow, Russia's largest long-distance telecom services provider has quietly just announced two vital bits of news of major significance in projects with China Telecom.

Firstly, back in May, Rostelecom linked its new fiber-optic data transmission line from Russia's Far Eastern cities of Belogorsk and Blagoveshchensk with the Chinese city of Heihe on the Russian border.

This is significant as both sides planned to expand the range of services using the line's broadband capability and highlighted the project's importance given that traffic between Europe and Asia (note that is between Europe and Asia not Russia and China) is expected to triple by 2010.

Secondly, Russian Telecoms company, Kosmicheskaya Svyaz and Chinanetcomgroup Ltd. have agreed to cooperate in providing international satellite television broadcasts of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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