Friday, July 07, 2006

Not on Asia Broadcasting but Google (NASDAQ-NM:GOOG) itself

This is not the usual post on digital broadcasting in Asia, my normal subject area. Instead, it is an alert for all users of Google Adsense (GOOGLE INC CL A (NASDAQ-NM:GOOG).

Google for security reasons have issued everyone with an Adsense security pin code. Prior to activation your web site will continue to earn income. But that income is frozen until you activate the pin.

There was no prior warning to my knowledge of this security enforcement.

For me the valid date for the "pin" is dated July 5, according to my account online.

If you have a Google Adsense account the pin is being sent by mail to your registered street address.

Google says it will take several days to be sent after the formal date of notification to each Adsense account. Then it will take 3-4 weeks normal postal delivery. (Not registered mail).

Remember the cut off date for each monthly payment is at the end of each month. If you do not receive the pin, you cannot apply for a new one until July 28th (in my case). That will take another 3-4 weeks delivery. You will then have missed this month's payment, and will not get paid until middle of September for August income.

I urge everyone who has AdSense to immediately check their account online and see what conditions have been stipulated by Google.

I sent an email to and asking a number of questions. This is the pre-prepared reply from the UK Google team that arrived within hours of my email:


We have recently sent you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) via standard mail. You should expect to receive it within about 2-4 weeks. Once you receive your PIN, you will need to enter it into your account in order to become eligible to receive AdSense payments. To enter your PIN, simply follow the instructions included with your PIN mailer.

Please note that publishers have 6 months from the original issue date to enter their PIN. If you have not entered your PIN within 4 months, we will start displaying Public Service Ads (PSAs) on your web pages. If you have not entered your PIN within 6 months, your account will be disabled and any unpaid earnings will be refunded to the appropriate advertisers. You can learn more about our PIN policy at .

For additional questions about getting paid, please visit http:// . If you prefer a video presentation of this information, we encourage you to watch our Payment demo (currently available in English only), located at http:// .

Yours sincerely,

The Google AdSense Team end of the reply

As an international account holder, I am surprised that there was no prior warning of this security improvement, which, I none the less applaud and support.

But Google should have warned each and every account holder. They could then been able to prepare for this change. It is after all the holiday season in the Northern hemisphere. Many will miss the July payment because of this imposition, don't let it be you especially if you are an individual and not a company.

And do not confuse this with other security pin(s) being issued related to accounts with Google.

Contact the Google office in your country (if there is one) if you need to have more clarification.

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