Monday, July 03, 2006

Kantipur TV on Telestar-10 Satellite

Kathmandu,Nepal: On July 1, Kantipur Television (KTV) Network previously restricted to terrestrial television broadcasting in the Kathmandu Valley has taken to satellite broadcasting to reach the rest of Nepal and beyond.

Satellite transmissions are on a C band transponder on the Telestar 10 at 76.5 East.

The footprint covers much of Asia, Australia, Africa and some parts of Europe.

Kantipur TV also used the occasion to broadcast 24/7.

Kantipur Television Network (KTV) is owned by Kantipur Media Group publisher of a daily newspaper and magazines. It also owns Kantipur FM that reaches much of the Eastern part of Nepal. The radio and TV networks are local affiliates of CNN. KTV started broadcasting in July 2003.

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