Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Solid State Logic" Line Up at IBC 2006

Solid State Logic at the International Broadcasting Convention, IBC 2006 Amsterdam

US-based, Solid State Logic, the manufacturer of professional digital and analog consoles, will be showing the latest versions of its C100 and C300 digital production consoles.

The product is the C100 digital broadcast console with the new MORSE (Modular Resource Sharing Engine) feature, which brings the added benefit of resource sharing capabilities to the desk. Launched at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention in Las Vegas in April and on show for the first time in Europe at IBC, the MORSE is a modular resource-sharing engine designed specifically for zero down time broadcast applications. It enables any studio floor to be routed to any control room, allowing broadcasters to "mix and match" their source rooms to their available consoles.

"With the proliferation of channels in digital broadcast, the demands placed on broadcast infrastructure are greater than ever before," says SSL's Director of Product Marketing, Niall Feldman.

SSL will also be showing its new IFB Master Channel section for the C100, which delivers simple, fast, direct access to multiple comms busses for intuitive handling of complex IFB requirements. It is compatible with existing C100 consoles, and can be used in combination with the original Master Channel section.

In addition to the C100 innovations, SSL will be displaying its recently launched C300 Master Studio System. This is a compact, assignable console, for fast and efficient sweetening and mix creation that addresses the requirements of non-linear film and TV production by delivering the ultimate in cost-effective, scalable operational efficiency.

The C300 Master Studio System integrates DAW control using techniques successfully pioneered with the AWS 900 console. This brings the workstation into the console allowing unparalleled interaction between console and DAW. Broadcast automation developed from the C200 console provides complete real and non-real time control over the console's powerful signal processing.

This allows operators to slow down fast moves to a more manageable pace, or even set-up whole scenes with the press of a locate key. This saves massive amounts of time and yet also delivers the subtle control required to satisfy the most demanding producers or directors.

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