Saturday, July 01, 2006

Smallest DTV 3.5" Available

I do not often focus on products per se, but from Taipei, reports that Taiwan-based digital TV (DTV) module solution provider and system design house, Asuka Semiconductor has unveiled two new products, a 3.5-inch handheld DVB-T TV and a slim car-use DVB-T receiver.

Asuka says the 3.5-inch handheld Digital TV is the smallest in the world and the first so small.

The ARA device comes equipped with a 3.5-inch TFT-LCD display (480×234 pixels), a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, and a built-in telescopic antenna. The device is sized at merely 13.5×8.5cm×3.5cm, and an attached strap makes it easy to be carried by users.

The other new product, Frigate is the slimmest car-use DVB-T receiver in the world, according to Asuka. Its outline dimensions are merely 15.0×7.0×2.5cm, and two A/V inputs and three A/V outputs are included to provide integration capabilities with other in-car entertainment systems.

Asuka claims that the Frigate can easily be installed within the trunk or under the seat of a car, and the multi-language EPG (Electronic Program Guide) system helps users easily navigate within TV programs.

The handheld device is in production, I understand.

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