Saturday, July 15, 2006

Australia ABC Supports Digital TV Moves

Sydney, Australia -- The Australian Broadcasting Corporation for once is in tune with a Government policy relating to broadcasting.

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott says that the country's national broadcaster, welcomes the government's commitment to remove genre restrictions on the ABC's digital channel ABC2.

Mr Scott is referring to the Australian Government proposals announced July 13 to make Digital TV more attractive for consumer uptake as part of a major policy shift including media ownership rules.

Mr Scott said the decision affirms the key role of the ABC in helping to drive the switch to digital television by providing attractive new digital content. That content requires consumers to buy a set top box or to receive the digital channel via a pay-TV platform.

Mr Scott says that digital TV channel ABC2 is offering new programming content from regional Australia, where the ABC is a key player, and where it guarantees diversity, local news broadcasts and community information, accessing archival content, and bringing stories from outside the capital cities to the whole nation.

The ABC says its initiatives such as ABC2, content for broadband and podcasting services show also how it is at the forefront of the digital (broadcaster) media changes.

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