Friday, July 21, 2006

PTS Taiwan Orders Jampro Antennas

The Public Television Service Foundation (PTS) in Taiwan has placed orders for UHF digital antennas from Jampro Antenna / RF Systems of Sacramento, California in preparedness for the start of DVB-T standard, digital broadcasting on the island. Specifically, the Jampro JUHD panel antenna is DTV-ready and can be either side or top-mounted. It is based on a modular design that can be configured to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns for UHF bands IV and V. By using optional beam tilt and null fill, the elevation pattern of PTS's antenna can be shaped to maximise transmission coverage area across the island. Jampro's low power UHF constant Impedance DVB-T combining module is a compact unit in the Company’s RCCC-211-DTV/DVB-T series. The combiner module and filter provides excellent results in the bandpass and channel combining application. PTS started in 1998 as the first independent public broadcasting institution in Taipei. Its two terrestrial television channels broadcast under the names of PTS 300 k and PTS 34 k. Originally, Taiwan adopted the American ATSC digital standard for terrestrial TV broadcasts but later changed to the European rival, Digital Video Broadcasting. Pressure came from within the broadcast and Cable TV industry and manufacturers for the change.

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