Monday, July 24, 2006

CASBAA and HK CableTV Sue Over World Cup

In Hong Kong, the high profile publicity campaign waged by CASBAA - The Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia against the bars and other venues that illegally carried World Cup 2006 from Germany is now resulting in civil action being taken in the courts.

FIFA and official TV rights holder, Hong Kong Cable Television are taking the action jointly with CASBAA.

On July 21, the Hong Kong Government, through the Commerce, Industry & Technology Bureau welcomed legal action by the broadcasting industry.

Hong Kong falls within the satellite transmission footprints of Thailand and Philippine satellite pay- TV broadcasters whose encrypted services are the main source of the illegal business in the territory.

Hong Kong law is very clear. People who import, export or supply decoders for receiving foreign satellite pay television services not licensed in Hong Kong are breaching the Copyright Ordinance.

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