Saturday, July 08, 2006

IPTV For Indian Diaspora

US headquartered, Archer Entertainment Media Communications Inc(OTC: ACRM - News) has just signed two major agreements. The first, is the purchase of 10 million minutes of VoIP time for India and 10 million minutes of VoIP time for China on an ongoing basis from Thai-based, Buzz Technologies, Inc. (OTC: BZTG - News)Buzz.

Buzz will assist Archer in the integration of the software into Archer related sites in conjunction with existing IPTV infrastructure and expansion into new sites in both countries.

The Archer move pursues the company goal of providing consumers and businesses in Southeast and South Asia the same access available in the West.

Archer's extensive commercial operations include digitalization of cinemas in China and India, with attendant real estate development, its GETonline world data base, the launch of IndiaBroadcastLive (IBL), Indiads, and ChinaBroadcastLive (CBL).

The second contract is celebrating an Indian first. In Anaheim, California, Archer has launched the first Indian IPTV platform in the world,

The site streams Indian Radio, TV and internet content to subscribers over IPTV.

This is a significant political move as witnessed by the presence of the Honorable Vyalar Ravi, India's Union Cabinet Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs at the openignceremonies in Anaheim, California on June 29.

The event was organized by the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) and attended by more than 300 leaders of the Indian community in Southern California; Mr. Ravi formally launched the IPTV service. Present with the Indian Union Cabinet Minister were Abhesh Verma, CEO of India Broadcast Live, LLC, an Archer supported company, and Munish Gupta, COO, Archer Entertainment, the two men responsible for conceiving and putting together the first such multiple television channel platform. is the first of its kind platform that will enable all Indian media via IP to deliver television and radio channels real time, live and direct from India in as good as high definition television quality on wired, WI-fi and cellular devices worldwide. The content will comprise news, sports and entertainment in all languages of India.

Abhesh Verma is also CEO of, a strategic partner of Archer. is the Number 1 Indian entertainment portal in the world and typically ranks among the top 300 of all portals globally. averages 1 million unique daily visitors. Verma also heads, the only one of its kind advertising agency/portal that aggregates and distributes Internet advertising on its group websites as well as many other Indian websites.'s content and marketing partners include Shama Broadcast & Content Service India Pvt. Ltd. and Creative Content Services India Pvt. Ltd., owned and operated by Mr. Kedar Nath Gupta, a veteran Indian journalist based in New Delhi who retired as the News Editor of The Economic Times (of India) and is the President of GOPIO India.

Full-time broadcasting, in every Indian language, to 40 million Indians living outside of India and 1.2 billion Indian subscribers in India via, and begin by August 15th, 2006, marking the 59th anniversary of India's independence.

The Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs, Honorable Vyalar Ravi said his Ministry that looks after the interests of the 40 million people of Indian origin and Non-Resident Indians who reside overseas was "delighted that this new (IPTV) platform will connect expatriates with instantaneous news and information from India," thereby "making our job simpler." Mr. Ravi said he was particularly confident of the success of the service since "I personally know both the promoters, father (Kedar Nath Gupta) and son (Munish Gupta), and their hard and consistent work in media and for the community." The Indian Minister said the ( service could further enhance the fast- growing relationship and investment by overseas Indians into India."'s CEO Verma said, "The platform provides us the extremely lucrative opportunity to reach both inside and outside of India. Overseas Indians represent the most affluent ethnic consumers of any expatriate group. Within India, we will target a whopping 500 million consumer class with a steadily rising broadband connectivity. This is both enticing and exciting. Teaming up with longtime friend Munish and Archer, a resourceful and aggressive global company, and using the very latest technology, there's no doubt we will become the voice of India and Indians across the globe."

Archer Entertainment provided the initial funding for the launch and marketing of Archer Entertainment CEO Michael Selsman said, "We remain committed to growing and diversifying the ( platform."

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