Saturday, July 22, 2006

1st Mobile TV Digital Broadcasts for Cars

This month P.T. Mentari Multimedia M2V is starting digital broadcast trials in Jakarta for the first Mobile TV system designed for the automobile (as opposed to buses and coaches) using the CAS7 conditional access system software from Conax AS of Norway.

M2V is the first operator to offer pay-tv services over L band network to automobiles.

With extensive network coverage to Metro Jakarta, M2V has a potential of reaching out to around half a million automobiles currently fitted with LCD monitors.

The Conax CAS7 system, being built on Conax’s strong security technology platform and long experience, is a key business enabler for operators seeking to maximize revenues. As a stand-alone CA solution or modular add-on to an existing CA system, Conax CAS7 can be tailored to system operators’ specific needs and implemented cost- effectively with minimal upfront investment. The product is compliant with open standards such as MPEG2/MPEG4, DVB SimulCrypt and Common Interface, OpenCable, OpenCAS and DOCSIS.

"After years of market studies and evaluating available technologies, M2V has found the strategic fit in consideration of e.g. security, network and signal quality, seamless integration and cost effectiveness, the choice of having Conax and their partners to provide the most suitable solution and yet future proof," said Tavip N. Parawansa, President Director of P.T. Mentari Multimedia

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