Thursday, July 27, 2006

Strategy & Technology New Products IBC 2006 Amsterdam

Strategy & Technology from the UK New Products at the International Broadcasting Convention, IBC 2006 Amsterdam September 12-16

* TSBroadcaster 2 - TSBroadcaster 2 is the new version of the highly successful TSBroadcaster product. It provides a wide range of enhancements to the object carousel, data and signalling generator as well as to TSPlayer MPEG-2 transport stream generator. Key new features in TSBroadcaster 2 include:

- Fully compliant with latest MHP, MHEG and OCAP specifications - User access rights - allows the delegation of applications management - Control of AV stream insertion and multiplexing via an easy-to-use interface - Improved operational status and diagnostics

* MHEG-5 Plug-in for MHP - This software application enables MHP 1.1 receivers to receive and run MHEG-5 applications. This enables broadcasters to use MHEG-5 applications in markets where MHP receivers are deployed

* TSDeveloper - TSDeveloper provides an integrated solution for generation and playout of interactive TV applications in the authoring, applications development and test environments. Housed in a portable desktop unit it integrates with authoring tools and generates an RF output that connects directly to target receivers and set-top boxes with support of DVB or OCAP/ETV standards. Applications can be viewed and tested on target TV devices, avoiding the limitations of emulators and allowing true performance and behaviour to be exercised.

* Digital TV receiver Over-Air Download (OAD) system - This product suite delivers new versions of software to digital TV receivers and set-top boxes. It supports both the UK OAD and DVB-SSU standards and provides lifecycle management of software downloads as well as scheduling and playout with ASI, GigE and RF modulator output options. The playout system provides a simple 'Load and Go' option.

Strategy & Technology is a specialist company in the field of digital interactive TV, focused on the provision of technology solutions using public standards. S&T is involved in the deployment of interactive digital TV throughout the world.

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