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Indonesia Radio Stations Online Update

Radio Stations Online in Indonesia Update

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RADIO di Bahasa Indonesia interaktif Wherever you are in the world you can access online these Indonesian radio stations:

*Global FM Bali *Hardrock FM 87.5 *Jakarta News Radio *JJFM 105.1 FM *Prambors FM Jakarta *Radio DJ 94.8 FM *Radio Istra FM *Radio Fiska Ria Jaya Suara 100 FM *Radio Sonora 97,75 FM Surabaya *Radio Swaragama 101.7 FM


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Stations that have either live radio, but restricted to listening in Indonesia or they have interactive sites including chat rooms, forums, guest books etc include the following stations:

* Ramako FM Batam 101.5/100.7 * Bigs FM Batam 104.7 * CBB FM Jakarta * M97FM Jakarta * Classy FM, Padang * Delta FM, Jakarta * FeMale, Jakarta * GCD FM, Yogyakarta * Genta FM, Bali * Geronimo FM, Yogyakarta * Indo, Palembang * Megaswara, Bogor * Radio A 96.7FM Jakarta * * Pas FM Jakarta * Sonora, Jakarta * Ardan FM, Bandung * Lemana FM, Bogor * Mercury FM, Surabaya * Mesra FM, Samarinda * MS TRI FM, Jakarta * Nikoya FM, Aceh (yes, on air) * Padang FM, Padang * PAS FM, Pati * Prambors, Jakarta (but Surabaya Prambors is online live) * 68H, Jakarta * Mercurius, Makassar * Rama Swara, Cianjur * Retjo Buntung, Yogyakarta * Ria FM, Solo * Ronggolawe, Tuban * Salvatore, Surabaya

It appears that Radio Republik Indonesia blocks online access to its live feeds of Pro1 RRI, Jakarta, Pro2 RRI, Jakarta Pro3 RRI, Jakarta if your ISP is outside of Indonesia. Check the RRI wseb site - http://

There may be several reasons for not being able to access. The most important is the protection of music copyright. If this is the reason, then radio stations stop broadcasting on the Internet outside of Indonesia because their fees to the copyright and performing rights agencies would be prohiobitively expensive. The performing rights agencies collect the money on behalf of the musicians, authors and composers of the music played on the radio stations online etc.


Also remember that Radio Singapore International broadcasts daily in Bahasa Indonesia with availability of podcast downloading and online listening. Their web site is

You can listen in Bahasa Indonesia broadcasts also as follows:

* The RSI Segment in Malay on Warna 94.2 FM, Mon - Fri, 2123 - 2133, Singapore time ( ) * KEI-RIA Ceria bersama RSI, 'live' chat show on RIA 89.7 FM (streaming and podcasting in Singapore and KEI FM 102.3 Batam, Mon, 1600 - 1700 Singapore time.

Selected RSI programs in Bahasa Indonesia can be heard in Indonesia on the following stations:

* Jakarta PAS FM 92.4 1900 - 1915 WIB * Jakarta PELITA KASIH FM 96.3 1900 - 1915 WIB * Surabaya PAS FM 104.3 1900 - 1915 WIB * Semarang PAS FM 106 1900 -1915 WIB * Solo PAS FM 90.9 1900 - 1915 WIB * Pekanbaru Bharabas FM 97.5 1900 - 1915 WIB * Pekanbaru Aditya FM 87.6 1900 - 1915 WIB * Banyuwangi FM 89.7, East Java 1900 - 1930 WIB * Batam KEI FM 102.3 1800 - 1830 WIB (in Malay) * Medan Lite FM 92.8 1900 - 1915 WIB

* RSI Bahasa Indonesia Shortwave Service heard across Southeast Asia 6120 kHz / 49 mb 7235 kHz / 41 mb Time of broadcast 1200 - 1400 UTC 1900 - 2100 WIB

There are of course many other broadcasters in Bahasa Indonesia including VOA and ABC Australia to listen online. A number of christian radio stations also but not listed here.

Voice of America

ABC Melbourne

BBC London (also see latest news in Bahasa Indonesia at )

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